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Backsplash trends - Dark subway tile backsplash in Anaheim Hills kitchen remodel When they were first invented, kitchen backsplashes were designed with one primary function in mind. They served to protect the area between the stovetop and the range hood from moisture, food, and oil splatters – unavoidable side effects of cooking in the kitchen. Now, 2022 backsplash trends show that while function is still important, style and beauty are taking center stage.


5 Kitchen Backsplash Trends You’ll See in the New Year

These bold and beautiful backsplashes will be sure to catch your eye and make an artistic statement in your kitchen.

  1. Metallic Backsplashes – This may not be the first material that comes to mind when you picture a beautiful kitchen backsplash. However, it totally makes sense that this makes the list of 2022 backsplash trends. A metallic backsplash reflects light, offering a shiny, shimmery brightness to the room, especially when paired with dark kitchen cabinets.
  1. Glazed Tile Backsplashes – Not interested in a metallic backsplash? You can get a similar shine and shimmer with a glazed finish on those backsplash tiles. The glossy look means more reflected light than a matte finish and it’s super easy to clean.
  1. Continuous Countertops – Traditionally, backsplashes have been a great way to tie in kitchen cabinet colors with different countertop materials or other colors throughout the room. They’re also often used to create a stunning accent wall. But, 2022 backsplash trends include using one material for both countertop and backsplash, creating a seamless and streamlined design.
  1. Beyond the Backsplash – Along the lines of continuous countertops, here’s another thought – why not continue the backsplash design all the way to the ceiling? Kitchen trends in 2022 favor fewer wall cabinets and more floating shelves, paving the way for a beautifully tiled backsplash wall to rise to new heights. This can be especially stunning given some of the trendy tile designs we expect to see more of in the new year.


Backsplash trends - Laguna-Niguel-kitchen-remodel

  1. Luxurious Marble – Marble has long been a popular material choice for kitchen countertops. It’s easy to clean, looks luxurious, and stands up to the test of time. In 2022, you can expect to see more marble making its way into backsplashes as well.

2022 Kitchen Remodels in Orange County

Do these backsplash trends for the new year have you thinking about how you could spruce up your home with a kitchen remodel? If so, we’re your choice for remodeling in Orange County!

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