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2022 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends. Kitchen remodel with large pantry and new cabinetry for built in storage.


A new year is right around the corner and that has us thinking about 2022 kitchen cabinet design trends. Will previous patterns continue, or will you be surprised at where this year’s kitchen cabinets are headed? Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to see as the next year unfolds.


9 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends For 2022



One Open Shelf or Floating Shelves

While kitchen cabinet design trends have often favored fully enclosed cabinets for a neat, minimalist look, 2022 will see an uptick of open or floating shelves. These are especially popular with homeowners who have unique kitchen accessories or dishes they’d like to showcase. When used in conjunction with closed cabinetry, open shelves provide a source of visual interest that naturally draws the eyes to the objects displayed on them.


Unpainted Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets have long been prized for their beauty and durability. In recent years, however, painted wood cabinets became a popular trend. Kitchen cabinet design trends in 2022 are leaning more toward returning to the natural look, though. This is partially due to an increased focus on healthier homes and reducing chemical use in them. It’s undeniable that this return to nature will add warmth and beauty to the modern kitchen.


Kitchen remodel in Lake Forest with rustic pantry doors


Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen design has been moving toward a simple, streamlined look in recent years. And, this year’s trend of handleless kitchen cabinets will add to that movement. Thanks to advanced technology, cabinets can now be fitted with push open and close doors. That means there’s no longer a need for hardware knobs or pulls on almost all cabinets. The end result will be a more streamlined look that wasn’t possible before.



Pantry Cupboard Comeback

Perhaps one of the most popular kitchen cabinet design trends of 2022 will be the return of the pantry cupboard. Although they’ve been around for years, pantries haven’t been as mainstream in the modern home as they are anticipated to be now. Maybe the pandemic has emphasized the need for more grocery storage at home. Or, perhaps the rise of open shelving has fanned the desire for the large amount of storage a pantry provides. Regardless of the cause, pantry cupboards are making a comeback!


Butlers pantry remodel


Multi-Use Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have long been a prized location for keeping dishes, utensils, and other culinary must-haves organized but out of sight. Thanks to the pandemic, however, more people have found the need to work from home indefinitely. For those without a designated home office, that could mean turning a kitchen cabinet into a makeshift work area or storage space for office supplies.


2022 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends


Dark Oak or Walnut Cabinetry

It’s no surprise that the rich look of walnut wood or dark stained oak will be a favorite in 2022 kitchen cabinet design trends. With their fine grain and dark color, they easily add warmth and a touch of luxury to the room. They also provide a neutral backdrop for a variety of color palettes, making them a simple design choice.


Curated Kitchen Cabinets

Along with the open shelving idea, comes a move toward more personalized kitchen spaces. Rather than tucking everything neatly out of sight, homeowners are opting for a more individualized, ‘curated’ look that displays their artwork, unique dishes, and family heirlooms. The end result is a homey, comfortable, and functional space that’s filled with personality.


kitchen remodel


Appliance Filled Drawers

Many homeowners already enjoy using kitchen cabinet drawers for small appliances like mixers. Rising in popularity, however, are other appliances in drawers – things like dishwashers or small beverage coolers. These will continue to become more popular as kitchen ergonomics becomes a more prevalent concern.


White Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most enduring kitchen cabinet design trends of all time has been white cabinets, and that trend will continue in 2022. The neutral color is perfect for homeowners who want to periodically change up their kitchen design with different pops of color.


White cabinets are versatile in nature, easily contributing to a minimalist design, fitting in with a rustic farmhouse feel, or even pairing with modern design elements. Their neutrality and versatility also make them attractive to potential home buyers if you anticipate putting your house on the market this year.




Do These 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends Inspire You?

Now that you’ve seen what’s ahead for 2022, you can envision what these kitchen cabinet design trends could mean for your own kitchen remodel. At Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, we have an award-winning design-build team that’s ready to make your vision a reality. Our expert kitchen designers, professional engineers, and master craftsmen will help you through the entire process from design to completion.


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