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Outdoor Living Space

Sea Pointe Design & Remodel offers complete design and construction services.

Custom Designed Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Space

Sea Pointe Design & Remodel has been building outdoor spaces since 1986.  Being an Orange County, California construction firm, there is a big demand for outdoor living spaces.  From California rooms, outdoor kitchens, fire pits or fire places, outdoor pizza oven, built in barbeques, lounge spaces, rooftop decks, and outdoor man caves, we have built them all.

California Rooms

Outdoor kitchen remodeling

California rooms are outdoor structures that provide living space beyond the footprint of your home. In order for an outdoor living space to be considered a California room, it must have a minimum of 4 posts and a roof structure. This provides shade from the intense So Cal sun we experience here in Orange County and the rest if up to the home owner to decide what they want in their California room.  We encourage all clients to design for their needs and wants and we’ll help turn needs and wants into a beautifully and thoughtfully designed California room.

This home had not one but two California rooms designed.  The family wanted to have 2 distinct spaces for different uses.  The view above is showing their kitchen and dining California room. This space makes great use of seating for 8 at the 2 different bars.  You could easily add seating on the inside as well once the cooking is done.  This outdoor kitchen features a built in barbecue, built in refrigerator, outdoor sink, trash receptacle, and storage built into the 2 islands.  You will notice that the ceiling is finished in beautiful wood paneling with built in heaters and a ceiling fan to make guests comfortable in any Southern California climate.

This California room was able to be added without changing the original roof line.  And if you’re new to construction, that means our designer was able to save the client a lot of money with thoughtful design.  The designer was able to match the slate roofing from the home with a very similar composite material reflecting the same natural color palette of grays, greens, blues, and hints of mauve.

Have you been California dreaming of more outdoor living space? If so, give us a ring and we’ll set you up with your complimentary in-home consultation.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Another favorite for So Cal living is the outdoor fire pit.  Gas fire pits provide for oodles of entertaining fun during the evening hours.  Fire pits make outdoor entertaining a cinch with a flip of the switch to turn on your lava rock fire pit.  Using our talented designers, they can determine the footprint for your fire pit and how much seating you may want.  You may want this fire pit off to the side of a California room with seating that accommodates both spaces or you may want a fire pit with circular seating.  You can have built in seating with hardscape benches or use outdoor furniture.  Your designer will help you make all of these decisions based on your lifestyle.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are very popular through out Southern California.  Just like the kitchen is the heart of your home, the pizza kitchen is the heart of your backyard.  A place where family and friends can gather and create.  Each person can make their very own pizza with a topping bar.  You can add counter space and custom dwellings to suit your outdoor pizza oven needs.

Pizza ovens often connote an older and more rustic world.  These often use interesting mosaic or brick tile with a chimney.  You want to ensure your pizza oven opening is large enough for your pizza peel to fit in the opening.  This basically means you want to be able to make large pizzas and small pizzas.  And don’t let the name fool you, plenty of other great meals can be made in a pizza oven.  Consider searing your steak in here or bread sticks and dipping sauces.  Your creativity can go wild when you add a pizza oven to your outdoor living space.


Wood decks are simply gorgeous.  You will have a hard time finding a wood deck that is taken care of that doesn’t feel warm and welcoming.  Decks can be placed in a myriad of places.  You may consider having different levels of decking in your backyard to create specific situational and entertaining space.  You may add a deck (or two or three in some of our clients cases) to your roof top and take advantage of a potential ocean view for the coastal community.

You can design your deck to have features and amenities built in, such as a tiki bar or vertical wall garden. Let’s not forget outdoor lighting to ensure you and your guests can safely traverse your decks. Our expert designers are available to help you design your deck with the features and amenities you need.

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