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A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Painted floors seem to be one of the popular floor design trends and we totally get why. Aside from being budget-friendly and working on a variety of different materials, painted floors offer so many different style options. With a few strokes of a paintbrush and some durable floor paint, your floors can transform with just a few stencils and days later. Here are 10 brilliant ideas for painted floors!

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A blue and white bedroom

1. Blue and White Plaid

Blue and white plaid painted floors can add a vintage design to your home. A bright-colored palette with mixed shades is a clever way to add dimension and fun to the space without much décor. This is an older and more simple design, but it still makes its way in many homes as a popular floor design trend.

painted stair runner design

2. Simple Stair Runner

Blue and white plaid painted floors can add a vintage design to your home. A bright-colored palette with mixed shades is a clever way to add dimension and fun to the space without much décor. This is an older and more simple design, but it still makes its way in many homes as a popular floor design trend.

Black and white checkerboard floors

3. Black and White Checkerboard

Looking to paint your floors with a fun bold pattern? Black and white checkerboard-painted floors make for a fun bold statement. Put a twist on this retro design and swap out the shades for your little one’s favorite colors to match the rest of the room. A room’s design can really influence mood and floor design is a great place to start.

Chevron stained floors scaled

4. Chevron-Stained Floors

Flooring with a Chevron pattern design adds a sense of elegance to a room. The geometry pattern adds a nice visual appeal that also gives a feeling of luxury with just shapes and lines. A creative Chevron-stained flooring on natural wood with altering different shades also can give the illusion of a larger room.

High gloss painted floors

5. High Gloss High Contrast

High gloss on laminate flooring is friendlier on the budget than wood and is a popular choice among homeowners looking to remodel their homes. It is also lower maintenance when it comes to keeping up. However, if you are looking for higher-end wood flooring, it is still a great idea to use high gloss as it is a great durable option. The shiny finish looks nice and sleek and is paired well with a modern contrasting design.

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Dark wood painted porch floors

6. Dark Wood Painted Porch Floors

To give the illusion of a more sophisticated design, go with a dark brown natural wood color for your porch floors outside. The long panels will give your porch a seamless and larger feel. This will give the outside of your home an elevated design while contrasting well with white or lighter exteriors.

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Graphic painted floor design

7. Graphic Painted Floors

Graphic-painted floors, like the one in this bathroom, are a practical design that creates pattern and personality into your home décor when on a budget. There are a variety of options to choose from that range from a bold detailed design to a modern geometric style. The size and colors of the graphic painted floors determine a lot as well. Bigger shapes allow for a more creative and fun feel while smaller details tend to create a more traditional aesthetic.

Light and airy white wood floors

8. Light & Airy

Light and airy painted floors offer the home a larger feel. Painting wood plank floors a white color with a clear coat of finisher offers a rustic or vintage design. This is great if you are going for a more natural and spacious atmosphere. The way natural light bounces off of bright colors really brightens up the room and gives off a positive ambiance.

Old stained floors

9. Old Stained Floors

Nothing gives an old house more character than the hardwood floors. Old wood floors are a beautiful vintage feature to a home and with great coating and upkeep can last a long time. Old, stained floors are gorgeous and are popular with farmhouse design trends. It adds a charming antique touch to a home.

Colorful painted stairs

10. Easy 1-2-3 Painted Stairs

Painting numbers on each stair or painting each stair a different shade of color adds a playful design to the space. An easy way to achieve this design is by using a numbered stencil on each stair and painting it in ascending order on the risers. If you are feeling extra creative, go for a rainbow stairway design!

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Tips for painting floors

A few points to remember when painting floors

Consider the supplies that you use to paint your floors. Do not use regular paint. You are better off using paint that is durable and made for floors by paint manufacturers. There are floor paint products out there that will keep your paint long-lasting and strong and you want to use at least a semi-gloss finish. Remember, you will most likely want to also vacate the space for several days as the coats dry to save yourself from the strong fumes.

If you are painting more than your floors, always save the floors for last. The last thing you want is to paint from the walls or ceiling to drip down onto your freshly painted floors. This will save you extra work from repainting or cleaning up an accidental mess. You also do not want to paint yourself into a corner, so have an escape route in mind like starting from the opposite side of the door and backing your way out.

Painted floors require slightly more maintenance compared to other types of flooring such as porcelain, tile, or concrete. This is because the coats will eventually run down, or scratches may appear. In order to keep your painted floors nice and fresh-looking, our design experts suggest repainting every couple of years. Therefore, it may be easier to go with a solid color versus a more detailed pattern. But if you do choose to go with a pattern-painted floor, we recommend sealing the paint with coats of polyurethane for that extra durable touch.

Cleaning painted floors

How to clean your painted floor

Taking good care of your painted floors will be well worth your time in the long term. By cleaning your painted flooring now, you will save time and money on a large cleaning or upgrade later. Dusting crumbs, dirt, or sand will help prevent your floors from wearing down and scratching. Following up with vacuuming regularly or using a microfiber mop is best in a continuous motion rather than going back and forth to get the best results!

Avoid using water if you have hardwood floors. Avoid using this moisture-based technique as the moisture and heat can cause damage to the floorboards. Avoid using wax or water-based floor cleaners or polish. Some of these products leave a harmful residue with toxins that will also strip your floor. Polyurethane is good for coating the painted floors but refrain from using oil-based products since it can give your newly painted floor a tint of yellow or orange. The options are endless when it comes to painting your floors. Painted floors are budget-friendly, require good upkeeping, and there are so many different styles to choose from from bold and moody, to bright and fun.

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