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You should be cozy in your new farmhouse but there are things to consider during the renovation process. We will be covering some of the most important aspects of renovating an old farmhouse.


Farmhouses are one of the most romantic and charming homes you can live in. You are looking for that perfect cozy old home to live in and just make a few fixer-upper renovations to, but before you make that big purchase, there are many things you need to know ahead of time to avoid significant stress and money loss. And all the enchanting features in your future farmhouse might just be the cause. From old wooden floors to the delightful windows, and the Soapstone countertops, here is what you need to know before renovating your farmhouse.


Why a farmhouse?

Around tall trees, a big yard, and a quiet neighborhood, a farmhouse seems like the perfect escape for one who is caught up in that bustling everyday lifestyle. After packing up you’re belongings and searching on Zillow, Houzz, and Pinterest to see what you can find, you spot a home with aesthetically pleasing beat-up wooden floors, beautiful old windows, stone countertops, and your favorite part, the clawfoot tub. These are the design features of a farmhouse that you love and look forward to renovating. After finding the right home, you are one step closer and are ready to dive in and get to work.

Things no one tells you

Or so, at least that is what you think. The only issue is that there are things that no one tells you when purchasing an old farmhouse to renovate. It is up to you to research, so you know what you are getting yourself into and prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally since this is a space you will be in every day.

You can spend a fortune on upgrading the basics

With older homes like a farmhouse, the chances are that you will make a lot of upgrades, and we are not just talking about design. Just because it looks charming on the outside does not mean it looks the same on the inside. Behind the walls will need more upgrading than you thought. It is also highly likely that plumbing fixtures will need replacing as well. Old electrical systems and water pipes will need replacing. These are basic upgrading features that you may end up spending a fortune on. It is always best to prepare yourself to go in with an open mind that you will spend more than you think.


You may have to replace the wood floors

Old wood floors are great for design but will need a lot of TLC because, well…they are aging. Wood floors can also go through multiple refinishing, but the limit is around 10. If the flooring is getting to that point or is in poor shape, it is safer to replace the old wood floors and start from scratch fully. Some of the obvious ways you can tell if the wood needs replacing are warping, loose spots, or finding termite droppings in your home because that could be damage waiting to happen.


Charming old windows may be drafty

Similar to the wood floors, the windows may look gorgeous with the beat-up vintage design, but if they are original farmhouse windows, that probably means that they are single and not double-paned. This means you may be freezing come wintertime. Some may believe that it is better to keep original windows because of their sustainability, so they would rather endure the draft. But we suggest having a professional come out and look at it to determine what is best. The last thing you want to do is be stuck freezing in your own home and have something go wrong if you attempt replacing the window yourself.


There could be hidden dangers

When renovating an older home, it is crucial to understand that there may be lead paint on the walls, or the home may need asbestos testing done if it was built before 1978. The older the house, the bigger the chance for flaking, especially on ceilings, old tiles, pipes, fireplaces, and window wells. You usually will not think about this when it comes to the features in your new home, but it is one of the most necessary items you need to take care of and by a professional. Be on the lookout for this hidden danger.


Soapstone counters aren’t zero maintenance

Soapstone fits perfectly in the farmhouse design. It looks great, and it has attractive features like being heat-resistant, stain-proof, and does not dent easily. The only catch is that scratches easily damage it because it is a softer stone than granite or marble. This is one of the higher maintenance countertop materials and will need regular cleaning with mineral-oil to keep its sleek and bold look. Soapstone can work well as sinks and a fireplace surrounding because of the heat resistance factor. Because soapstone is very dense, cutting and installing it may be difficult and nearly impossible by yourself, which is why we also recommend working with a design expert to help you. The last thing you want to do is damage other areas of your house or yourself.


That clawfoot tub may have to go

That vintage cast iron clawfoot tub in the bathroom looks gorgeous, but if the flooring is old, chances are this is a disaster waiting to happen. A heavy tub filled with water and yourself, no offense, might be too much weight for the old wood floors to handle. The original flooring may also be at a slope because of its natural age, and placing a cast iron clawfoot tub on an uneven floor may not be the best idea. Speaking with a professional designer will give you insight into the best options for your “new” home.

If you are set on keeping your clawfoot tub, it is important to get a construction service that also deals with design. This will ensure that your bathroom will match the beauty of your vintage clawfoot tube while also being functional for the needs of such a heavy tub. You can fill out the form below to schedule a design consultation for your bathroom remodeling.

Get an inspection

To be safe, we suggest getting an inspection from an expert. They will tell you everything you need to know about your home that you may not be able to see from the outside looking in. You do not want to start tearing down walls just to find more issues that could increase your costs by a ton. Then the next thing you know, you are living in a half-renovated home because you do not have the time or money to finish the job. The most important item during a home inspection is the structural integrity of the house.

It will take more time than you think

It will take more time than you think to renovate your farmhouse home. These homes are older original homes, which means with all the testing and repairs, you will be spending plenty of time on this home improvement remodel if you are trying to accomplish this on your own. There is a good reason why there are home remodeling experts. They can help you achieve what you want in a faster amount of time.


Forget perfection

During this process of renovating your farmhouse, it is best to let go of the idea of perfection upfront. There are many natural elements involved with a farmhouse design, from the countertops to the wood floors to the fireplace. When using natural materials like Soapstone and wood, you will have a design that you will not be able to customize fully.


You’ll learn a new language

You will find that you will suddenly have discovered a new language when you are done with this process of remodeling your farmhouse. When working with a remodeling designer, you will pick up new words in your vocabulary such as grout, threshold, Soapstone, caulk, and more.

Home improvement stores will be your new hangout

If choosing to go the route of doing it yourself, you will find that Lowe’s and Home Depot will be your new daily hangout spots. However, by doing this renovation on your own, you will probably have to make multiple trips through trial and error since you will be learning a lot about this new field along the way. And that means the project will take longer, there will be more errors, and you may spend twice the amount instead of going through an expert the first time.


Why you should hire a professional to remodel your Farmhouse

You may believe that remodeling your home by yourself is a fun project that will keep you busy and save you a lot of time and money since you are on your schedule. However, that is just not the case. Hiring a professional designer and builder can save you time, money, and about a thousand headaches. At Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, a design and build remodeling firm, we work with you to bring that vision you have to life. Instead of going through the pain of buying an old farmhouse just to have that aesthetic, why not transform your current living space into one with a modern farmhouse design? We will work with you on your farmhouse home remodel, giving you a chance to relax but still enjoy being a part of the process.

To schedule your complimentary design consultation, give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below.

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