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When you first decide to do a remodeling project, whether big or small, there are two main questions you must ask yourself

  1. Will I do the work myself, or should I hire a remodeling company?
  2. If I hire a professional, how do I choose the right one?

The answers to both of these questions can have a significant impact on the ease with which the project is completed, and how pleased you are with the finished product.

Why hire a remodeling company?

While some people have the skills to do their own home remodeling, many do not. Even with the proper knowledge and abilities, however, there are still several advantages of hiring a remodeling company. Some of the most common are listed below:

  1. Fewer mistakes – Unless you do construction work on a regular basis, chances are high that you will make mistakes when installing flooring or cabinets, or completing any other remodeling task. This usually means wasted time and/or materials, translating into wasted money as well.
  2. Professional design – While you may have a few design ideas yourself, from Pinterest or what you’ve seen at someone else’s home, a professional remodeler will be able to help you pinpoint the right design for you, your budget, and how you use your space. It’s very disappointing to spend money on a remodeling project, only to find out that it should’ve been designed better in the first place.
  3. Less stress and faster completion – Unless you’re retired, you likely have to work every day, meaning that your available remodeling time is nights and weekends. Project completion can drag out simply because you don’t have enough hours in the day to do it all. A professional remodeling company has a crew that will be assigned to your project, making it easier to get the job done more quickly and during daytime hours when you’re at work. That way, you can come home and relax after a hard day’s work!
  4. Warranty – If you do your own remodeling, you’re on the hook for costs related to fixing anything that goes wrong down the road. In contrast, many contractors warranty their labor and materials for a specified time period after project completion.

 How do I choose a remodeling company?

Once you’ve decided to let a professional do the job, the next most important step is to pick the right company. Unless you already have personal experience with one or have a recommendation from a friend, you will probably have to choose from local contractors whom you know nothing about. Here are some questions to ask a potential contractor to help you choose the right one:

  1. How long have you been in business? (You’re looking for experience so longer is better here!)
  2. Are you insured? (If not, run the other way! If so, ask for a certificate of insurance to be provided prior to the project’s start.)
  3. Will you get the needed permits and/or inspections for my job? (An experienced professional will know exactly what permits and inspections are required – you shouldn’t have to figure this out yourself.)
  4. How long will my project take? (Ask about how unexpected delays are handled and how the time frame will be affected by the number of crews working and other jobs that are scheduled.)
  5. What will my project cost and what are the payment terms? (You don’t want any surprises here. It’s also helpful to know how additions or changes to project scope are handled.)

The list above is by no means an exhaustive one, but it’s a good place to start. Other considerations include whether or not the company has design consultants on staff, has a portfolio of work completed that you can look at, and what kind of warranty is offered. The more questions you ask BEFORE you hire a remodeling company, the better the chance that you will be satisfied with the entire process and the finished product.



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