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Have you come to the time in your life where you can remodel your home the way you want? Have you been thinking about how much you would like to move walls to open up your space, or pop out a room addition to accommodate work-from-home needs? Then understanding what a structural remodel is will be vital to accomplishing this large task. Don’t worry because we will walk you through all the steps needed to ensure your home makeover will be designed and built correctly.

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What is a Structural Remodel?

A structural remodel is installing, modifying, eliminating, or inserting at least one load carrying component. A load might also describe heaviness or stress/force. These components may consist of pillars, rafters, columns, joists and, of course, the home’s internal and exterior sides(walls) that support the home’s groundwork(foundation) upward. This is why it is crucial when seeking a structural change, choosing the right design/build team is necessary. Heavy equipment and devices will be utilized during this type of remodel. Experience and a great education are required to operate this machinery.

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Why Do Load-Bearing Elements in a Home Exist?

All buildings, from a backyard shed to the Burj Khalifa must have load-bearing elements or they will collapse eventually! Supporting weight to an edifice structurally is what holds it up for decades. Without any math or architecture involved, all buildings (even a doghouse) will blow over in the next few storms. From that “gumbo” soil down south in Houston, to our Earthquake-inclined topography in SoCal, having the correct geometry, algebra, and trigonometry in place regarding load bearing elements will prevent a catastrophe in the future!

What Structural Remodeling Permits Will You Need?

You will need permits prior to beginning your structural remodel. The requirement for authorizations can differ by your city in Orange County. These documents confirm that you agree with the construction regulations. These regulations are intended to safeguard the community and your assets. You absolutely should want a permit for this type of remodel as this is your largest investment and your family’s safety is at risk. Run for the hills if your contractor suggests skilling permits for a remodel.

Remember, you could need consent from your neighborhood homeowner’s association. You will certainly need to begin by communicating with your neighborhood association board member in charge of structural remodels to find out what they require to start and undertake your project. Your design/build firm should always be able to help you obtain the blueprints and other records you will need to present your authorization application.

What Are Some Concerns When Structural Remodeling?

Choosing the right design/build team will assist you in putting together structural modifications by preserving and yet enhancing the home’s initial structural integrity. In certain regions, construction codes might seem restricting, but they’re created that way to defend title holders. Also, poorly completed structural modifications can cause rooftop (water damage) and groundwork harm, irregular flooring, wall defects, door complications, and in the most terrible circumstances, a complete collapse!

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The primary reason for all these issues: Load-Bearing Indiscretions!

Per Wikipedia, Load-bearing walls are defined as: A wall that is an active structural element of a building, which holds the weight of the elements above it, by conducting its weight to a foundation structure below it. Knowing every facet of this school of architecture is quite advanced. There are six types of load-bearing walls that a true design/build firm knows inside & out:

  1. Precast Concrete Wall
  2. Retaining Wall
  3. Masonry Wall
  4. Pre Panelized Load Bearing Metal Stud Walls

As an ordinary owner, you might not know which components of your house are intended to bear mass and tension (shear wall), and which are simply ornamental or provide additional purposes. You might not have the guidance to realize the long-term effects of eliminating an interior wall or cutting out a larger windowpane. The incorrect actions can make your house susceptible to damages! Though, the proper structural alterations can increase your residence’s forte, practicality, and above all: Price!

When Will I Need A Structural Remodel?

Owners perform structural changes both to preserve the physical truthfulness of their home environment; and to enhance a variety of other characteristics. In many situations, you might choose to make modifications that affect the home in a number of unforeseen positive ways. For instance, an owner may want to switch distorted girders in a wall and choose to additionally insert an extra window to let in more sun and air!

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Home Remodeling!

When the time is right, there is no better feeling than sitting down with your structural renovation team to discuss the new plans. So many owners fret the initial cost of a structural remodel, but run the numbers on a Google search, and one will quickly realize the benefits of this project. An HGTV report back in the early 2000s indicated overwhelming ROIs on structural remodels. Imagine now, after the pandemic in early 2022?!

 Homes Need Repairs…

Again, going to the internet, and researching, major home repairs will always be an issue for every homeowner at some point. From ballooned-framed walls to steel plumbing pipes are just the start of an antique home, and their need for a structural remodel. Moving into the current times, a homeowner can expect to have a structural remodel if they wish to reconfigure their existing footprint or add a room addition.

Make Sure Your Structural Remodel Is Done Right!

When you choose the correct team to design your structural remodel, the results are simply fantastic! Walking into your old house which is now a new home is spectacular! Creating an open floor plan with more inviting spaces will enliven you and your guests for entertaining and everyday living. Please keep us in mind, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel for all your design, build, and remodeling needs.

Our Commitment To You!

Your Design Consultant and Project Manager will operate tightly as one to guarantee a fluid process in delivering an elevated design and quality craftsmanship. Contact us today for your home remodeling needs.

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