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Should You Remodel Your Home or RelocateThe question of whether to remodel your home or move to another one is an important one for your family to answer.


On one side of the debate, relocating can often mean moving into a home that’s move-in ready with everything your family needs. Buying a new house usually comes with a significant price tag, however, and may not be entirely necessary.


Remodeling your current home can also cost a significant amount of money. But if it means keeping your kids in a school or neighborhood you love, choosing this option could be the better decision. It might also be cheaper than moving.


So, what’s the best way to decide which option is ideal for YOUR family? You can start by asking yourself the following questions. While the ‘best solution’ is different for everyone, your answers to these questions will help point you in the right direction!


4 Questions to Ask to Help You Decide Decide Whether to Remodel Your Home or Move to Another One


1: What exactly is it about your current home that you don’t like?

In order to accurately answer the remodel vs. relocate question, you’re going to have to compare the expense related to both options. And, to get an accurate cost estimate, you have to know exactly what needs to change in your current living situation.


Are all the faults you identify with your home simply cosmetic in nature? If so, the choice of whether to remodel your home or move should be pretty simple. Cosmetic upgrades like new fixtures or updated paint colors will be far cheaper than relocating and purchasing a new home. Even more involved upgrades like a bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation could be less expensive than an outright move.


If you don’t have enough space in your current home, though, and you want to add square footage, the cost of an addition will be significantly more than a simple remodel. But if you love your home’s location, your lot size is amenable to increased square footage, and you don’t mind the expense, it could still be more beneficial to remodel instead of relocate.


2: How much could you sell your current home for and how much will it cost to purchase another one?

Here, you’re going to need to do some research. You can talk to a local real estate agent or look up home values online.


Either way, you need to gain a greater understanding of how much you could get for your current home if you were to put it on the market today. Then, research how much you’d need to pay to purchase a new home in another area.


If the cost of a new home far outweighs what your current home is worth, you should probably remodel your home. If you think you’ll still want to relocate when market conditions are better, you might prioritize remodeling projects that increase resale value or ones that make properties easier to sell.


3: If you remodel your home, will the time and inconvenience be better than going through the moving process?

Every remodeling project has a different timeline depending on the extent of the work being done, availability of materials, need for permits, and other factors.


If a whole home remodel is required in order to resolve all of the issues you identified under question #1, you can expect it to take close to a year or longer. In contrast, kitchen remodels can take many months and the average bathroom remodel is typically around 6 weeks. The amount of time and inconvenience your family will face during the process can influence your decision to remodel vs. relocate.


It’s important to realize that the moving process can take months, too. This is true especially if you consider the time and effort it takes to prepare your current home for sale, search for a new home, and complete the sale/purchase process, and then actually move.


4: If you remodel your home now, will it still meet your family’s needs in the future?

There’s no doubt about it – remodeling can be an expensive venture, but so is moving! Since both options require time, effort, and money, don’t rush making your decision. Instead, take the time to think ahead and evaluate how your current home can work for you now and in the future.


If you remodel your home now, it’s likely to meet your family’s current needs. But is there room for it to grow along with your family? Or how about the opposite scenario … will your current home still be appropriate as your children move out and your family size changes?


Your answers to questions such as these can help point you in the right direction. The truth is, many homeowners choose both options. First, they might opt for remodeling projects that meet their family’s current needs while adding resale value to their home. Then, when their needs change, they can easily sell their home and relocate to another one that better fits their situation.


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