From lighting to total home automation, Sea Pointe Construction’s team of industry experts break down your options for smart home technology.

Heating and Lighting Smart Home Technolgy

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology can be intimidating but products like Nest thermostats and Phillipos Hue systems are reasonably priced, easy to set up and even easier to control. These products are allowing for customized lighting and climate settings for particular times of day, vacation modes and energy efficiencies that bring simplicity to your home. Moreover, various products offered by Abode Smart Systems incorporate geo-sensing technology, which lets the home automation system know if the homeowner is in the house or away. If the homeowner leaves and goes outside the “fenced” area, automatic adjustments are made to lighting, temperature and door locks.

Bathroom Amenities

Advancement in plumbing fixtures has enabled companies like Kohler to introduce the Moxie which integrates a Bluetooth speaker into the showerhead. Delta Faucets showcased its H2Okinetic showerhead at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show featuring LED lights that automatically turn on when water is running and turn off when water flow stops. Kohler also showcased its mood settings, allowing homeowners to ask Alexa to create their “nighttime routine” triggering the bath to fill to the right height, the right temperature and the lights in the bathroom to dim.


Long known brand name, Jenn-Air, is making their presence known with the Control Wall Oven series. Utilizing Alexa’s technology, you can say “Alexa, set upper oven temperature to 350 degrees.” You can even download the Jenn-Air app and control your ovens from anywhere allowing you to turn the oven on while at the grocery store picking up groceries for tonight’s main course.


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