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Why You Need a Residential Designer

There are a few types of designers you can hire to help you with your remodel. You can hire a designer that drafts your floorplan, or you can hire an interior designer that designs your kitchen with the colors and materials you collaborate on to design a style just for you.  When you use a design build firm, like Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, you get both a space planning expert, a draftsmen that will design your floorplan as well as your black and white renderings, a cabinet expert that will draw your 3D color elevations, and your residential interior designer that will help you make your remodeled space functional and efficient for your needs as well as beautiful and designed to your style. They are trusted professionals with extensive schooling and training. When you’re looking at a remodel, you want the expertise of a residential designer, a home improvement professional. They can save you money and handle all the details that you might overlook or not consider in the remodeling process.

Saving Money

One of the most logical reasons for hiring a residential designer is that they can save you money.  Yes, they can!   When you hold a residential design credential, that also comes with certain perks, including trade discounts. The discounts they receive alone are worth it but you also want to consider the fact that if you decide to do the remodel yourself, it could end up costing you much more than you originally anticipated.  Professional designers with design build firms are able to also leverage value engineering to space plan your remodel as cost-effective as possible by collaborating with the in-house engineer team.  This is not possible in traditional general contractor or single trades man.

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Special Pricing For Renovation Designer Professionals

Renovation Designer Professionals cannot only create and design your next remodel, but they can also give you advice on where your budget should be spent, based on your priorities.  A durable couch is always going to win over a statement piece lamp in the corner that won’t get used as much.  Or maybe changing the quality of the hardwood floors so that you can do 2 rooms instead of just the living room.  Little touches here and there to perfect the remodel process.

Cabinet purchasing discounts

When working with a contractor, they love when you invest in a residential designer.  Contractors know when you hire a professional, they are going to receive detailed, professional plans that have been thoughtfully worked through with no errors.  They tend to get the jobs done faster and under budget, since all the details will have been discussed prior to the contractor coming in, it’s an easier job for them to get done.  Remember contractors are builders, not designers and when you’re working with a Residential Designer, they may have other upgrade options that you haven’t considered to improve your life based on the meetings you have together and design options you have discussed. 

With that being said, your designer is not a builder and therefore may design to your liking and this may be out of your budget. As mentioned before, using a design build firm where all of your construction professionals are under one roof allows you to have the team manage your budget and not go over the ranges discussed. Design build also keeps you on schedule with your project manager moving the process around seamlessly so that materials arrive just in time and nothing is removed until the replacement is ready.

Preventing Expensive Mistakes in the Design Process

When you decided to add on that kitchen island yourself maybe you forgot to take into consideration the space it takes to open the dishwasher and you’ve already ripped out your floors and a few other cabinets.  Now you need to remeasure and go back to the hardware store, buy more supplies, and pay for the expensive mistake that honestly anyone that’s not a professional could make. The cost of a Residential Designer far outweighs those costly mistakes that not only take more time but add more stress and worry to your project.  It’s their job to prevent mistakes from happening and review all your plans and designs.  They will take accurate measurements and mention things like the space between the kitchen island and your open dishwasher, is it enough?  All you need to do is approve the designs put forth, sit back, and relax and wait for your dream kitchen, bath, or home extension to be complete.

Design Build firm delivers value engineering

Time Is a Valuable Resource

Speaking of time, it is our most precious commodity.  If you present the wrong plans to the contractor working on your remodel, it could cost you not only more money, but more time and is that extra stress worth it?  Plus, then you have a frustrated contractor on your hands who really isn’t interested in your dream home, they just want to get the job done and move onto their next project. Wouldn’t you rather give all your ideas, thoughts and wish list to a professional who can articulate what you want and draw up designs that will make the process fast, efficient and better than you ever imagined?  Someone who also gets extensive discounts on everything you are looking at purchasing.

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Hire an Interior Designer: They’re Good at What They Do


Bottom line, you want to hire a professional when it comes to remodeling any part of your home.  In the end, its not just time and money they will save you, it’s peace of mind, and you can’t put a price on that when you’re knee deep in a remodel.  Their ideas will not only help you manage your budget and keep you honest with yourself, but they can also add specifics that will ultimately raise your resale value of your home.  The trade discounts alone are worth it when looking at the material costs of a remodel.  This is their trade, their profession, what they went to school for and it takes extensive training to hold this role.  Save yourself the time, stress and hassle and hire a professional that knows what they are doing and can help you save money along the way.

Tustin Room Addition BlueprintsProfessional residential designers have the unique ability to see your space without walls. They interview you to learn how you and your family use your home so they may lay it out best for you at the most affordable option. You can see a layout below that used two small space additions to create an open-concept kitchen and bring the laundry inside and creating a laundry room. You can read the whole Tustin remodel case study here.>>

Whether it’s a new timeless kitchen, an updated bathroom with heated floors or a second floor you want to add onto your home, you may not know the potential the space has until you speak to a professional, until you speak to a residential designer.  That new island in your kitchen could provide more storage space but could also be a hidden staircase that could lead to your new wine cellar.  A professional can relay ideas based on your lifestyle and interests, after all this is their career, their profession and what you are ultimately paying him to do. They will work with your budget to get the job done and get it done right.


Interior Design Renovation With Sea Pointe Design & Remodel

When looking at hiring a professional residential designer, look no further than Sea Pointe Design & Remodel.  They have been in business since 1986 and have a list of professionals to help you achieve the remodel of your dreams.  Experienced and qualified consultants will take the time to sit down with you and go over every detail. They can show you samples of previous jobs, as they have quite the brochure of ideas and remodels.  Their licensed Residential Designers will draw up the plans, coordinate with the contractors and add all those details that a professional is trained to know.  Give them a call today and start on remodel of your dreams. We’re here to help (949) 861 – 3400.


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