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Tustin kitchen renovation with small room addition

Tustin Room Addition & Kitchen Remodel Case Study

You may think room additions are massive remodeling projects that may be out of your budget, but you may be surprised by what your unique home architecture features will expose to a professional home designer.  Our team of professional Designers have decades of experience planning home floor plans and layouts that make your home life more enjoyable. They have the special skill of being able to envision your space with different wall configurations to deliver value engineering as well as a home that serves your family needs best. Take a look at a room addition case study below demonstrating this exact remodel technique.

The Tustin Kitchen Design Challenge:

This Tustin home room addition case study is based on a repeat client that already understood the value of design and space planning as we had remodeled their kitchen 22 years earlier.  When the client approached us to remodel their kitchen again, they had different needs than they did 22 years ago with small children.  Now their children are adults and the couple often host Thanksgiving and entertain their adult children as well as extended family and friends.  This Tustin kitchen remodel necessitated creative space planning to provide an open concept kitchen.

The Designer took the reins and evaluated the space to see where they could place the kitchen that would provide an open concept kitchen (also known as a great room).  This also means evaluating what they would lose in this space.  There was plenty of living space and extra nooks that weren’t being utilized which provided great value to the designer working on this project; as this means there was nothing to lose if the client was not using these spaces.

Below you can see the floor plan the Designer was evaluating to re-configure the design layout to meet this client’s home and lifestyle of entertaining.  You will note the current kitchen in this Tustin remodel is at the front of the house.

Tustin Room Addition As-built Blueprints

The Tustin Kitchen Design Relocation & Remodel Solution:

This specific home added on 2 small space additions; one small enclosure on their porch and enclosed one small space from the backyard.  These 2 small spaces enabled this family to relocate their small kitchen from the front of their home to the back of the home.  The new space made available in the rear of the client’s home allowed us to place an open-concept kitchen adjacent to their living room.

Below you will note the new space plan we used to submit a permit request to the city of Tustin to create 2 small room additions.  This plan also demonstrates moving the front door to make the home more symmetrical which also made way for an additional remodel space giving these Tustin homeowners a new laundry room.  The designer was able to relocate the laundry from the garage into a nice laundry room space with custom cabinets and a pocket door as to not encroach the space inside the laundry room or swing out and cross paths with the new front door space.

Tustin Room Addition Blueprints

Once the space planning was done, the designer worked with the Tustin kitchen remodel homeowners to design both the kitchen remodel and the new laundry room.  Selecting your design materials and finishes is typically more daunting than homeowners give credit due to the thousands of options available for each material and product.  Below you will note a list of options at a high level.

  1. Selecting custom cabinetry in both the kitchen and laundry room; cabinet door styles, cabinet door colors, wood species, varnish, glaze, etc.  Cabinet drawers, glass inserts, cabinet organizer inserts, roll-outs, microwave drawers, refrigerator drawers, etc. Do you want two-toned cabinets with one color on the bottom cabinetry and another on the top? All of these decisions need to be made during the design phase of this Tustin kitchen room addition and remodel.

This Tustin remodel and room addition used the following cabinets on the perimeter of their kitchen.


Exterior Wood Species Maple / MDF Finish “Dove”
Upper Door Style Marion Glaze None
Lower Door Style Marion Interior Finish White
Drawer Front 5-pc matching Mullions None
Door Overlay Full Mullion Style N/A
Crown Detail XL Cove Glass Shelves/Inserts (6) clear glass inserts, with wood shelves
Finished End Panels None Appliance Panels None



Exterior Wood Species Maple / MDF Finish “Battleship”
Upper Door Style N/A Glaze None
Lower Door Style Marion Interior Finish White
Drawer Front 5-pc matching Mullions None
Door Overlay Full Mullion Style N/A
Crown Detail N/A Glass Shelves/Inserts N/A
Finished End Panels None Appliance Panels N/A

2. Countertop selection options for the kitchen remodel; will these be quartz, quartzite, granite, marble, wood, stainless steel, glass, concrete etc. Maybe you want to use different material on the perimeter of your kitchen and a fancier material on your showpiece kitchen island. How do you want your countertop edges finished?  Straight edge, mitered edge, double or triple bevel edge? Understanding materials and stone manufacturers also helps the designer save you money by suggesting material options that come in half slab or smaller configurations.

This Tustin room addition and kitchen remodel client selected polished quartz countertops for all countertop material in both the kitchen remodel and laundry room addition.

3. Flooring options include faux wood tile flooring, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, patterned tile design flooring, over-sized tile flooring, concrete, color options, and finishes if you are going with wood flooring.  This client selected vinyl flooring with a faux wood grain.

4. Home lighting options include recessed lighting, pendent lighting (hundreds of thousands of options to choose from), on-wall lighting, under cabinet lighting, in-cabinet lighting with sensors, natural light source, finish color on your lighting fixtures can range from powder coat black to silver, gold, white, as well as bright and bold color options. This decision typically makes your cabinet hardware an easier selection as you coordinate these to match or contrast based on material color and cabinet color. The client opted for a modern play on a retro light style over the island with 3 stainless steel pendant lights over the island.

5. Cabinet door pulls and knobs options are about as vast as lighting options with hundreds of thousands of options and dozens of manufacturers. Your designer will assess your style and do the heavy lifting to curate design ideas and options that will minimize your need to shop.

6. The client selected small stainless-steel knobs for simplicity and cleanliness.5. Backsplash selection is one of the more fun and affordable material and design selections to do. Another remodeling product that comes in dozens of materials, colors, and finishes.  The great thing about a backsplash is it typically is affordable to replace and therefore is often considered something to have more fun with and be on-trend as you may replace it in 5 years with another hot trend.  You also have to be mindful that the material will not absorb grease as it’s directly adjacent to your cooktop. This Tustin kitchen room addition and remodel selected a mosaic tile by Bedrosians.

Now to unveil the before and after of this stunning Tustin room addition, kitchen remodel, and laundry room addition.

Tustin Room Addition & Kitchen Remodel with Kitchen Relocation Before Pictures

Tustin room addition & kitchen remodel Kitchen view Kitchen countertop with cooking area Kitchen with windows

Tustin Room Addition & Kitchen Remodel with Kitchen Relocation After Pictures

Tustin room addition & kitchen remodel

Tustin kitchen renovation with small room addition

Tustin kitchen makeover Tustin kitchen design Kitchen renovation Tustin Tustin room addition

Hear what the client had to say about the room addition, kitchen remodel, and overall working experience with Sea Pointe Design & Remodel.

When you’re ready to have a designer evaluate your space for room relocation, space addition, or remodeling, be sure to call the experts, we’re here to help your home be your family’s sanctuary. In the meantime, start dreaming of your new space by visiting our remodeling portfolio to see the hundreds of spaces we’ve captured on camera out of the thousands of design build remodeling projects we’ve completed since 1986.

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