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Having kids can make a once-spacious home feel cramped. However much you love them, you probably don’t love having their toys take over every part of the house. You may be thinking that the only way to get some elbow room is to move. However, moving is an expensive proposition—think higher mortgage and higher property taxes just for starters, the hassle and expense of the actual move, and the difficulty of finding the right house in the right neighborhood.

Benefits of a Playroom | Sea Pointe Design & Remodel

A better way to gain some space and make your house more kid- and adult-friendly is to add on a playroom. Creating a dedicated play space in your home has benefits for everybody.
First of all, of course, is the benefit of more room. Putting all the toys in one spot can help keep you from feeling like your entire home is a playroom! No more stepping on Legos in the living room. But giving your kids their own space to play and spread out also has the added advantage of giving them room to be creative and have fun. No need to take down the block castle in the middle of the floor because company is coming if you have a playroom.

Having a dedicated space to play has benefits beyond just keeping stuffed animals out from underfoot in the kitchen. A playroom stocked with low storage bins and shelves within reach of little hands can help keep your kids’ belongings organized and provide a great opportunity for teaching them how to put things away where they belong. Having a totally childproofed space also allows you to give your children freedom to play without anxiety about their safety.
A playroom is a perfect place for your little ones to host play dates with their friends. It’s also a great place for siblings to play cooperatively. Having all their toys in one room facilitates sharing.

Having a play space separate from a child’s bedroom can make bedtime easier as well. After all, if your child associates their room with excitement and playtime, it can be hard to shift gears when it is time to calm down and go to sleep.

Finally, beyond the benefits of creating a space for kids, a playroom allows the adults of the household to reclaim their own space. Having a grown-up zone like a neat living room can do wonders for parents’ mental health! It can also eliminate a lot of daily nagging about picking up. It’s much more relaxing to enjoy your children’s creativity and energy instead of constantly fretting about how the house looks.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re ankle-deep in toys and would like to explore what a playroom addition could do for your family, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel can help you imagine the possibilities. Our staff provides custom designs tailored to your individual needs to make your home perfect for everyone, from the biggest family member to the smallest.

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