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Often when we enter a room our eyes are instantly drawn to a particular spot of interest. This area beckoning the attention, from you and your guests, is called the focal point. These eye-catching features and statement pieces are responsible for tying together décor, adding intrigue to the space and breathing life into the room. Without a highlighted focal point, your room can end up feeling lackluster or unexciting.

Many of us have rooms that already exhibit natural areas of interest through the layout and architectural features in our home, but they might be concealed by large furniture pieces, dramatic drapery or distracting décor. Another common problem people face is when the focal points created through design and themes fall victim to overbearing and competing accents.

To solve these issues and hone in on a focal point in your space, here are a few guidelines that can help highlight its best features:

How to find your room's focal point- Sea Pointe Construction
The Architecture

The architecture and design of your home can be the most unique quality your room possesses. Take a moment to envision your room empty, and note any architectural features that stand out to find your focal point. Emphasize your focal point with décor, paint, or furniture organized around it. You can even illuminate the feature with custom lighting to accentuate it any time of the day.

The View

Sometimes your best asset indoors is a peek into the outdoors. Oversized windows and skylights leave a room feeling open and connected. Ridding the area of overcrowded pieces can keep the attention on a beautiful view. For an added bonus, French doors are a great way to marry architecture and design with a glimpse into the yard.

The Color

Color can be the easiest addition to your room, as it’s a focal point fully in your control. A striking piece of artwork or a large colorful armchair has the power to brighten up a neutral room. Balancing a bright color scheme with softer tones will help specific pieces stand out. Throwing in some patterned pillows and printed rugs can accent the featured piece without stealing the spotlight.

When selecting your focal point, it’s important to keep in mind that the other assets in your room should help highlight the chosen area. Typically, most designers rule that the largest piece of furniture should almost always face the focal point. However, rearranging furniture to section off the room can allow more space to add an extra featured area.

Don’t hesitate to change it up and show off your new favorite part of the room. Consider room necessities like how much foot traffic it draws, or what you want the main function of your space to be. The best part of your focal point is the ability to choose how and when you want to highlight décor.

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