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There comes a moment when you may feel your space is just too cramped. You are looking to expand but do not want to move out of your current home. You love your neighborhood, live in a convenient location, but want to give your family enough space to function. Design experts suggest remodeling to build a room addition. Remodeling is an effective way to stay in place, expand your area, and increase selling value. Now for the big question, how much will a room addition cost in California? Additional remodeling costs vary. They depend on the area of the region, the complexity of the project, and design materials.


House prices in California

According to the L.A. Times, house prices have gone up by 13% in January 2021 since many buyers are taking advantage of the lower mortgage rates. The median price in Southern California has increased to about $600,000. Orange County house prices rose 6.7% to $799,000 while sales climbed 22%. This is the highest jump rate in Southern California. On the other end, the median house price in San Diego rose 9.4% to about $640,000 while sales climbed 1.8%.

With many home buyers remodeling, room additions are popular among home improvement projects. How much do room additions cost precisely? Extras can cost about 30% more than new construction. But, these costs can easily cover themselves when adding more value to the home. These higher costs include modifying to accommodate structural integrity and aesthetics when building on existing plans. Materials, permitting, and labor also factor in. 

In Orange County, the average cost for a room addition is about $85,000 without extravagant design. Location matters when calculating costs. Not only does the city matter, but if the home is on a slope, this may require further grading and foundation planning. Make sure you factor in every little detail.

Financing options: Remodel now and pay later.


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First floor, second floor or both?

The type of room addition can strongly determine whether you remodel on the first floor or second floor. Remodeling on a tight budget will matter as well. Building out, costs less than building up. This is because when building on top of an existing structure, the roof needs to be removed and replaced. Additional support structures need installing, as well as additional structural support and footings. When building vertically, a staircase may need to be built to fit the current function and aesthetic of the home.

Depending on the design, often the cost includes making sure the design flows seamlessly with the existing structure. The type of flooring, windows, and paint will all be added to the cost. In addition, it is important to consider the current market demand, which can also affect the cost of materials.

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How big do you want the addition to be?

Other things to consider when determining if you want to expand up or down are the property lot size, HOA requirements, and zoning laws. If you have the lot space, the best ground-level remodeling additions include:

  • A California room 
  • Family room
  • At-home gym
  • Kitchen expansion 
  • Laundry room

Typical second story additions include :

  • A hobby/craft room
  • Master suite
  • Home office 
  • A bedroom

The cost of adding square footage to a home varies in terms of complexity and price. The cost depends on the purpose of the room addition. It affects where and how it is built. Plumbing, electrical, roofing, structural integrity, and design are things to consider when planning for a room addition.

The room addition size depends on what you use it for and the lot size you are working with. Square footage and where you build it will also play a role in cost.


Will your addition include a bathroom or laundry room?

A room addition, including a bathroom or a laundry room, will cost differently than a family room. It is important to remember that plumbing and electrical can add to costs when remodeling. A family room is more budget-friendly because it usually does not involve extra costs in the expansion. A typical family room addition with just the room costs between $75,000 to $95,000. With design and high-quality materials, prices can easily climb to $150,000 and beyond.

An addition with a design that includes countertops, cabinets, flooring, and tiling can climb up in cost because it adds more materials and labor to the project. However, it also adds more value to your home, making it a great investment. Cabinets alone are 40% of the cost of a kitchen.

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Adding a laundry room to your home provides the opportunity for more storage space. Countertops built over appliances equip the room with an area for folding and sorting laundry. Built-in cabinets give a place to store towels and detergent, keeping them out of sight for a cleaner aesthetic.

When building a bathroom addition, consider adding elements that will significantly improve your home value. Make sure the room includes an exhaust fan, a window for plenty of natural light, and dual sinks. Dual sinks are an excellent investment because the two can share drainage, which saves expense.


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Will the addition affect other parts of the house?

When remodeling, a room addition can affect how you use other existing parts of your home. The home space becomes less congested by adding square footage, which opens space for a seamless daily routine. You can store dirty clothes in the new area with a laundry room addition without having them clutter your master bathroom. With an additional bathroom for the kids, you do not have to share and can keep your guest bathroom separate and spotless.

Structural changes can also affect the new layout. If building on an existing structure, you may need to include a new stairway. Stairways can relieve the traffic flow within your home. Also, adding windows that increase natural light can make other spaces in your house much brighter and airy which will make it feel bigger.

If you want your everyday life to be easier and function more smoothly, a room addition may be something to consider.

Other things to consider are zoning laws and building permits. Working with a knowledgeable design and build remodeling firm will save you many headaches during this process. Adding to your home may be a no-brainer, but there are still some hoops to jump through.

Building an addition means adhering to all the city zoning laws and neighborhood requirements, especially if you have a Home Owners Association (HOA). Your HOA may tell you that you cannot extend your home property line because of structural requirements. Also, you may not be able to build upward beyond a certain amount of feet. Understanding the difference between city laws and HOA can be confusing but it’s old hat to us at Sea Pointe.

Adding square footage to your home with a room addition can boost the value of your home by 30%. Room addition costs vary in terms of structural complexity, design, and price. Costs include cabinetry, plumbing, and electrical, depending on if the space requires it. Other factors to consider are demolition and whether it is necessary to remove load-bearing walls. 

We suggest working with a design build remodeling firm so you can take advantage of value engineering. Sea Pointe Design & Remodel considers value engineering how a project will be constructed, including what materials we need to ensure we offer our clients the most cost-effective options.

Ready to build your addition? Schedule a complimentary design consultation by giving us a call at (949) 861-3400.

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