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factors that affect a kitchen remodel timelineHomeowners who are planning a kitchen remodel usually have two burning questions:

  1. How much will it cost, and
  2. How long will it take?

Ultimately, the answer to these two questions (and others) is … it depends. The overall cost and project timeline are significantly affected by a variety of factors. Let’s take a look at a few of them so you know what to expect with your kitchen remodel.

Project scope

This is perhaps the biggest factor affecting your kitchen remodel timeline. It may seem obvious, but the amount of work that needs to be done plays a huge part in the amount of time it will take. For example, if you’re only planning cosmetic updates in your kitchen, such as new flooring, painted cabinets, or a change in wall color, your project could easily be complete in 1-2 weeks.

On the other hand, a greater scope will take more time. Things like changing a floorplan, installing custom cabinets, and moving plumbing or electrical parts will typically make your kitchen remodel last for 3-5 months.

Local permit requirements

The scope of your kitchen remodel often determines the necessity of obtaining local building or remodeling permits. Of course, something as simple as refinishing your cabinets or painting the walls wouldn’t require a permit. More substantial changes, like relocating your kitchen to another area of your home or adding square footage to the room, typically DO require permits. When you hire a professional remodeling company to do the job, they can handle all of this for you. The entire process of applying for and obtaining permits, however, can add several weeks to your project timeline.

Design details

Your personal taste and style choices can impact the overall kitchen design and cost of the materials required for your kitchen renovation. For example, choosing custom cabinets versus stock options will add more time to your project. However, the additional benefits you gain from having cabinets that perfectly fit your needs and wants typically outweigh the extra time required.

Scope and budget changes

Of course, not every remodeling project goes completely according to plan. Often, there are unforeseen circumstances that arise during the construction process that can affect both the scope of work and your overall remodeling budget. Advance planning and open communication with your contractor can help keep these added time and money situations to a minimum.

Contractor availability

Depending on the time of year, professional remodelers may be super busy. Because of this, your kitchen remodel may have to wait in line with other homeowners’ projects until the contractor becomes available to start. Planning and working out details with your design-build team well before your anticipated start date can help things move along more quickly when the time arrives for your project to begin.

The bottom line is that every kitchen remodel is different and can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks up to 3-5 months, depending on the factors above. Ultimately, though, what’s truly important is that you end up with the kitchen of your dreams and love the work that was completed. If YOU are ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, give us a call today at (949) 861-3400 to get started!

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