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kitchen-island-seating-for-three-with-pull-down-kitchen-faucet-in-matte-black-with-moderne-brassWhen you remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or other living space, it’s a great way to make your house how you want it, but there are home renovations that add value to your home, too. That is, as long as they’re planned carefully and implemented properly. A well-designed and executed remodeling project will leave you with a space you’ll love. But it could also help you get a higher selling price should you choose to put your property on the market later on.


Today, we’ll walk you through some of the home renovations that add value to your home. Then, we’ll give you some helpful remodeling tips so your project is done in a way that will maximize your return on investment.


4 Home Renovations That Add Value

Realistically, you’re not likely to recoup all of the money you spend on a remodeling project when you later sell your home. That being said, there are some projects that have a higher return on investment than others.


Among the top renovations that add value to your home, these are our favorites:


1. Room additions

When it comes to finding a home they love, most prospective home buyers are looking for adequate space. If your home doesn’t have enough square footage, consider adding onto it with a room addition. Your family can benefit from the added space now, and someone else will love the extra space later on when you sell.


2. Kitchen remodels

The average kitchen remodel lasts 15-20 years but design trends and styles change more often than that. If your kitchen is outdated or simply hasn’t been upgraded in a while, this is one of the most worthwhile renovations to add value to your home. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home now, an updated kitchen will do wonders for everyday life in your household!

Home Renovations

3. Bathroom renovations

A remodeled bathroom can look and feel luxurious and will be appealing to would-be buyers, too. Popular bathroom design trends include an at-home spa-like atmosphere, large walk-in showers, freestanding tubs, and gorgeous tile designs.


This Newport Coast bathroom remodel boasts a beautiful walk-in shower, relaxing freestanding tub, and a calming ocean view.

Home Renovations That Add Value

According to some realtors, you could recoup over 50 percent of your remodeling costs for bathroom or kitchen renovations when you eventually sell your home. That’s not too bad for something YOU get to enjoy in the meantime!


4. Remodeling to improve accessibility

More people than ever are looking to age in place as they get older. That means they’ll stay at home instead of moving in with family or going to a nursing home. But in order to do that, homes need to be made more accessible. Accessibility features are attractive to potential buyers, too. These include things like barrier-free walk-in showers, built-in shower benches, motion sensor lighting, and aesthetically pleasing grab bars in strategic places.

In this Monarch Beach bathroom remodel, a built-in shower bench and hand-held shower make bathing time much easier for those with mobility challenges.

Home Renovations That Add Value

Tips for Home Renovations That Add Value

Now that you know what to remodel, let’s look at some factors to consider that will help you with how to remodel.


1. Determine a realistic remodeling budget.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “by failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.” That’s true throughout life, but especially in remodeling. While picking out the latest and greatest fixtures is fun, there’s something else that needs to come first … a remodeling budget.


Without a realistic budget, you’re planning to fail. That’s because it’s difficult to plan exactly what can be done if you don’t know how much you have to spend. And if you don’t create a budget in advance, you run the risk of getting part way through your remodel and running out of funds before the project is completed.


Do yourself a favor and build a realistic budget. Then, you can focus on the areas that will have the greatest impact, add the most value to your home, and make the best use of your available funds.


2. Work with a professional remodeling company.

With a realistic remodeling budget created, you’re off to a great start, but don’t stop there! Work with a professional design-build company to get the best design for your remodel and the professionals to make it become a reality. While this involves spending more money up front, you’ll typically save money in the long run by getting a high quality product and avoiding common remodeling pitfalls that cost more. A professional designer will also be adept at helping you combine the things you love with what will be appealing to future buyers. So, you can enjoy the remodeled space now but also plan for later.


3. Don’t over renovate for your location.

Be aware of the other homes in your neighborhood and their condition. Significant renovations to your home may not add as much value as you think if surrounding homes are valued much less. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on a remodeling project only to price yourself out of the market when you go to sell your property in the future.

Dana Point bathroom remodel

4. Choose high quality materials.

If you’re not planning to sell right away, your renovations will add value to your home only if they’re still around when you go to sell! That means spending a little extra on high quality, durable materials that will stand up to time and use. This is especially true for kitchen and bathroom remodels as these rooms get a high amount of traffic on a daily basis.


Home Renovations That Add Value to Your Orange County Home

At Sea Pointe Design and Remodel, we’re very familiar with what Orange County homeowners are looking for, both in their own homes and those they’re looking to purchase. That’s because we’ve been meeting the remodeling needs of Orange County homeowners for almost 40 years.


Take a closer look at our work by browsing through our online portfolio of completed projects. Visit our kitchen and bath showroom where you can explore options and get ideas for your own remodel. Or, register for one of our upcoming remodeling webinars to get helpful remodeling tips from the pros.


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