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Getting Ready for Your 2020 Remodel

Are you thinking about doing a home remodel, but do not know how to prepare yourself? There are many steps you can take to prepare yourself, because the remodeling process is not always as straightforward as you think and can become very overwhelming.  As a Design Build Firm, we put a lot of effort into making all of the“low”points of remodeling as smooth as possible for our clients. Whether you are doing a whole home remodel or just a kitchen or bathroom remodel, taking steps to become prepared is important. Here are suggestions on how to get ready for your 2020 remodel.

  1. Defining your remodeling goal:

Defining your remodeling goal is very important. There are many things to consider when defining your goal. Why do you want to remodel?  What are you willing to invest? Not only in terms of money but also in terms of time; do you have time right now to invest into a project?  As far as the money aspect, your budget is a very crucial part when considering a remodel. Setting a budget for your remodeling project goes hand and hand when creating a realistic wish list. Oftentimes people have an extensive wish list, without considering a realistic budget. It is very important to do research before defining your goal or making any major decisions.

  1. Interview a number of professionals:

In order to bring your remodeling dreams to life, interviewing numerous remodeling companies is very important. While interviewing each company, it is important to keep remodeling company references and licenses in mind. It is very important that any contractor you work with is a home licensed contractor, as the contractor you choose can really make or break a successful project. When interviewing, you can also consider whether you want to work with a contractor or a design build firm. Many people choose home contractors because they are often times cheaper than a design build firm. Although, people do not realize that there is very little design and budget guidance when working with a contractor compared to working with a design build firm that is very clear and concise on budget, design, and timing. Depending on the type of project you are looking to do, there are companies that specialize in certain areas. There are kitchen design experts as well as bathroom design experts, so choosing the right company to do your project is very important.

  1. Knowing the highs and lows of remodeling:

Many people are not aware of the lows and highs of remodeling.  Although the high points are great, often times you have to prepare yourself for the low points. Our Sea Pointe Design & Remodel home remodelers believe that drywall sanding is the lowest point during a remodel. Design is always the first and highest point of the process, because you are envisioning your dream space without taking construction into consideration.  Although there are many highs and lows of the remodeling process, our team of trusted kitchen and bathroom remodeling professionals put great effort into our clients to make the process as smooth as possible.

  1. Know your end goal:

It is important to ask yourself questions about what your end goal is. Are you planning this remodel because you are selling your home or because you plan to stay in the same house for years to come? This is something to consider if you are planning to resell your home, more times than not, people do not always choose to go as deep into the project unless they are planning to stay.  You may choose lower end finishes if you plan on reselling or even renting the home out rather than staying in the home.

There are certain steps that one can take when planning a remodel if the plan is to sell in the end. There are certain points in a house that can help the resell value of the home. Are you looking to put an addition on your home because you are looking to grow your family? Are you looking to convert a wasted room into a more used room? These are all things you have to consider when determining your end goal and something that a remodeling firm can help answer your questions prior to committing to a contract.

  1. Prepare for the unexpected:

When planning a remodel you always have to prepare for the unexpected. Unfortunately, from time to time homeowners run into unexpected problems even outside of the project. It is important to prepare for this, so that it does not totally catch you off guard or make you go way over budget. It is important to put extra money in your budget in the event you run into expected problems that may need to be fixed along the way. It is also important to keep in mind that not all home designs work as easy as you think. It is easy to get carried away when envisioning what you want, but it is very important to stay realistic with your home design because not everything is possible within a remodel based on your existing space.

Preparing yourself for the remodel will take a lot of unexpected elements out of the project, including knowing that there may be unexpected findings when you open up the walls. Reminding yourself that this will be a big project and preparing for the big disrupt of having strangers in your home also sets expectations that will prevent frustrations. The end product is always worth it when you select the right remodeling partner, but getting there without panic and anxiety is also something we aim to accomplish.



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