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Thinking of remodeling your home this year?  If so, now is the time to plan! There are so many home remodeling considerations with this big of a construction project ahead of you.  All the fun stuff comes to mind when you start to think about your dream kitchen design or bathroom renovation, or even that outdoor living space (California Room) you’ve been wanting to design.  We’re prepared to show you not only the fun home design inspiration, but also, the must-know home builder information to save yourself headaches, delays, disasters, lawsuits, and unexpected home remodel budget blowers.

2020 Remodeling Tips

Remodeling Tip #1: Learn about the remodeling process before signing any contracts. There are a few ways in which to approach a remodel and pending who you are and what you’re looking for, you may find yourself doing the heavy lifting and not understanding why. 

The 1st way would be that you are handy and have a small home project that you want to tackle yourself.  You should take into consideration the time it will take and any damages you do along the way will also be yours to fix.  This also does not come with an expert home or kitchen designer, so you will rely on your preferences only and may not consider resale value.  However, the upside here is it can be more affordable if you are talented at DIY projects.

The 2nd way would be an owner builder where you as the homeowner, hire all the parties involved in building your house.  You will hire your Architect for your home plans, the Home Designer for design elevations, the Structural Engineer, your Home Contractor, and you’ll have to purchase your home renovation materials too. You will need to pull your permits from the city and take responsibility for the work being done on your property. 

You will be the master home builder project manager being the liaison between all parties; this is nearly impossible to manage while working full-time.  Give this some serious consideration.  This will save you some money if you have the time and enjoy finding the niche product showrooms to select tile from one place, countertops the next, plumbing fixtures at another place, sink vestibules, tubs, and shower enclosures at yet another or you can go to a big box store and get the same materials found in many mass development home building projects near you.

The 3rd way would be to hire a Design Build firm.   This puts your project in the hands of a professional Home Design and Build Construction company.  These remodeling companies manage the entire process and ensure every detail is tended to and included in the price. This means your pricing will be stable from the inception to the end of the project.  You will have 1 point of contact at any given time and are guided through the process so there are no unexpected construction surprises.  This is the white glove service of the home remodeling industry.  This includes the premium of employing experts in their field, having proper insurance, and requiring service levels from your employees that are working in your home daily.  These types of home remodeling companies cost more as a result but deliver premium home designs, excellent customer service and project management, quality materials and craftsmanship, and a longer warranty.

Remodeling Tip #2: Be sure which ever home remodeling method that you select, that anyone outside of yourself is licensed and insured to be working on your property.  Depending on the home service you are hiring the remodeling professional for, there are 43 different classifications of licenses they may need.  And up to 4 types of insurance; liability, property, bonding, worker compensation.  You can check both of these at prior to hiring anyone declaring themselves as a home construction company or professional.

Contracto's state Licensing Board Logo

Tip #2a: Be sure that the license matches the name of the business you are hiring. You will often find sub-contractors trying to piggyback off another professional and this is not legal.

Remodeling Tip #3:  Be sure to get Design Elevations. These give you a true rendering of what your floor plan with selected materials and lighting will look like when the construction is complete.  The home design software is so sophisticated in 2020 that you cannot tell the rendering from a real photograph.  Note comparison below.

These renderings enable you to vision what one intricate tile will look like as all of your flooring or a whole wall.  This is a much more affordable way to change your mind that halfway through installation and long past construction materials purchasing.

Kitchen Design Elevations

Remodeling Tip #4:  Research products thoroughly to understand all the available options you have.  From smart home features to cabinet organization or aging in place.  There are so many construction features as well as manufacturers offering unique features in their products.  It may be as simple as where your beautiful new free-standing tub’s water source will be or heated floors in your bathroom. Be sure to do your research if you’re doing this on your own.  If you work with a Design Build firm, be sure to tell them that you want to see unique features that would make your life better based on your needs. 

Remodeling Tip #5:  Plan for the physical renovation space.  If you are remodeling your kitchen then you will need to plan to be living without a kitchen for the duration of this project.  Ask you contractor how long your kitchen will be inaccessible and plan for it.  Pack up your kitchen gear in organized boxes to keep the clutter from driving you nuts and making for a cleaner environment in your home.  This also makes moving back into your dream kitchen a lot cleaner, easier, and more enjoyable.

Redesigning parts of your home or whole home can be very exciting as well as very stressful.  We hope that by providing some of these tips, you can avoid some pitfalls, plan for the difficult parts of construction and take joy and pleasure in the outcome.   


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