Flooring optionsNow that you’ve determined what qualities you want your flooring to have, it’s time to look at the different flooring options. Although there are many, let’s take a look at three excellent choices:

Top 3 Flooring Options

  1. Engineered hardwood – This is a popular alternative to solid wood flooring. Instead of solid wood throughout, it is made of a thin section of hardwood layered on top of high-quality plywood. Because of the thin wood layer, it can only be sanded lightly once or twice, in contrast to solid wood floors which can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Engineered hardwood floors are generally less expensive than solid hardwood, however, and are attractive, durable, and moisture resistant.
  2. Luxury vinyl tile – Vinyl flooring has come a long way. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) now offers homeowners a wide variety of colors and styles, while also providing flooring that is extremely durable. Some LVT options are even 100% waterproof, making them great options for kitchens and bathrooms. Others are stain and scratch-resistant, an important consideration if you have pets or small children living with you. If you want the look of hardwood or stone flooring, luxury vinyl tile has many options that will give you just that, topped off with a surface that will withstand spills, high foot traffic, and a busy household.
  3. Porcelain tile – This is a type of ceramic tile, making it a strong, durable flooring option. The material makeup and labor to install make this flooring more expensive than some, and it also requires maintenance of the grout that is used between the tiles. The advantages of porcelain tile are numerous, however, and include water and stain resistance, ease of cleaning, high durability, and a lifespan that can be decades or more. In addition, some porcelain tiles look like wood, granite, marble, and other materials, providing the homeowner with a variety of style choices.

Professional flooring installation

At Sea Pointe, we have a design team that will assist you with making the right flooring choice for your space, and a professional installation team to get the job done at an affordable price. Let us help you get the flooring you’ve been dreaming of!


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