Eco-Friendly RemodelingSustainability is the name of the game in today’s consumer market. As you are selecting what cabinets, countertops, tile, and various fixtures to install within your remodeled space, it is important to keep in mind the impact those choices could have on our environment. We want to select cabinets that are not only easy on the eyes but also on the planet. There are various options in the eco-friendly cabinetry market, some requiring minimal alterations while others might demand more committed systematic changes.

When we consider the amount of waste that goes into manufacturing cabinets it can be overwhelming. However, cabinet companies with an eye on sustainability will recycle or reuse almost 100% of the byproducts of manufacturing. Manufacturers, such as MasterBrand, look to improve sustainability through limiting waste, reducing energy usage, and conserving resources.

The Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP)

The Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) certifies companies that demonstrate their commitment to using environmentally considerate materials in cabinet production. These companies also aim to minimize negative environmental impacts through reusing and recycling. The ESP is administered by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) and is aligned with the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Home Building Guidelines.

This program helps ensure that manufacturers are meeting requirements for resource management, community relations, environmental stewardship, and air quality. Companies can opt to join this program voluntarily. Companies that have the ESP label are demonstrating a commitment to improving our environment. ESP approved products can be found anywhere from small local stores to large chain stores. Next time you are selecting cabinets, be sure to inquire if the cabinet manufacturer you are purchasing from is part of the Environmental Stewardship Program. Over 150 cabinet manufacturers bear the ESP seal.

Commitment to Sustainability

Companies, such as MasterBrand, have taken on the responsibility of commitment to sustainability. Responsible cabinet manufacturers will ensure they are striving to adhere to environmental requirements to ensure an eco-friendly process. When a company aims to meet the highest standards for sustainability they will undoubtedly seek the same quality assurance with the product. A manufacturer that is committed to the environment is committed to what is best for your family.

Community involvement is an essential component in ensuring sustainability. The state of our communities is connected to the state of our planet, they are interdependent. Approaching sustainability as a community allows for both people and the earth to thrive. Local businesses can play a huge role in building community morale, helping to reach goals, and providing the foundation for sustainability. Communities or companies can provide labor, money, or materials to causes that promote sustainability. Companies that support these initiatives are the companies worth investing in because they are investing in the community and the environment’s future. Your eco-friendly remodeling endeavor does not have to end with cabinets! Do not forget to check out environmentally conscious appliances, countertops, and flooring.


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