Remodeling PermitsMore than likely, yes. Almost every remodeling project should be permitted, especially those that include electrical, plumbing and/or drywall work. Moreover, all permits should be pulled by the general contractor or specific tradesperson responsible for the work. Ultimately, a correctly permitted project ensures the homeowner is protected against any question of liability that should arise.

Types of Remodeling Permits

The type of permit required varies depending on the project scope of work. As a general contractor, there are two types of permits Sea Pointe Construction pulls on a regular basis. The first is “OTC” or an over-the-counter permit. This type of permit is pulled for projects that consist of basic cosmetic updates, or what is sometimes called “remove and replace”. The second permit applies to the more extensive projects, such as an addition, knocking down existing walls to alter the floorplan or changing the roof structure in any way. In this example, Sea Pointe Construction would work with the engineers necessary to create specific sets of building plans which then get submitted to the city for review and to be approved.

Fees are incurred during the permitting process and costs can vary drastically based on city and scope of work.

At Sea Pointe Construction, our team of estimators and in-house architects are responsible for pulling permits. Immediately after a contract is signed, a “permitting package” is assembled and presented to the city building department. This package includes documents such as an electrical plan. A building official would review the “permit package” and either issue a permit on the spot of request that “revisions” by made.

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