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Remove term: remodeling your master bedroom remodeling your master bedroomIf your upcoming home renovation goals include remodeling your master bedroom, there’s a lot to consider! The traditional definition of ‘master bedroom’ simply meant a larger, nicer room where the head of the household slept. In today’s world, however, master bedrooms go far beyond a larger size and a fancier design.


When it comes right down to it, master bedrooms can really include almost anything. In most modern homes, though, there’s actually a master suite – a sizable bedroom with an attached bathroom that’s typically only accessed through the bedroom itself.


As you begin to think about remodeling your master bedroom, there are several important questions to ask yourself.


  • How do you anticipate using the space? Will you only sleep there or are there other design elements you want to include?
  • Do you have a master bathroom? If not, would you like to add one to create a full master suite?
  • How about closet space? Depending on the square footage available, a large walk-in closet could be a nice addition to the room. For even larger spaces, his and her closets with built-in seating areas might even be possible.


These questions are simply a way to get you thinking about how you envision your newly remodeled master bedroom and what you’d like to include inside it. Let’s take a look at several design ideas to further show you what’s possible.


4 Design Elements to Consider When Remodeling Your Master Bedroom


1. Add a Master Bathroom


Walk in Shower and Bathtub in Master Bathroom Remodel


If you don’t already have one, consider creating a full master suite by adding a master bathroom. Sometimes repurposing an adjacent room is a great way to get the needed space. Other times, a room addition is required but can add significant value and appeal to your home.


Whether your master bathroom is completely new or includes renovation of an existing one, here are some design elements to consider:



2. Include a Separate Sitting Area




Today’s homeowners are often looking for private spaces where they can relax, destress, and get rejuvenated. A spa-like master bathroom can fulfill this need but so can a designated sitting area. When remodeling your master bedroom, consider creating a cozy, private space for reading, watching TV, or simply putting your feet up and listening to your favorite tunes.


3. Create a Home Office

If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught us, it’s that having a designated work space at home can be convenient and useful. Some homeowners prefer that their home office be located on the first floor, behind closed doors but within easy reach of the kitchen, bathroom, and main entrance. Others, however, find that a home office that’s part of the master suite can provide the needed quiet and privacy for getting more work done in an efficient manner.


4. Build a Master Suite on the First Floor

When remodeling your master bedroom, it’s important to think about how you currently envision using the space but also how you’ll use it in the future. As the cost of nursing homes and assisted living facilities increases and quality of living sometimes becomes questionable, many homeowners are choosing to age in place rather than moving out of their homes. With that in mind, a master suite built entirely on the first floor can be a huge benefit when mobility decreases.


Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With the Orange County Remodeling Pros

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