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Ceramic-shower-wall-tile-in-Sorrento-Wave-in-master-bathroom-remodel Ceramic-shower-wall-tile-in-Sorrento-Wave-in-master-bathroom-remodel
Ocean-inspired-shower-tile-wall-in-Laguna-Niguel-bathroom-remodel Ocean-inspired-shower-tile-wall-in-Laguna-Niguel-bathroom-remodel
Tub-to-shower-conversion-in-master-bathroom-remodel Tub-to-shower-conversion-in-master-bathroom-remodel
kitchen-remodel-with-antique-inspired-tile-backsplash-and-retro-kitchen-appliances kitchen-remodel-with-antique-inspired-tile-backsplash-and-retro-kitchen-appliances
kitchen-remodeling-with-ceramic-backsplash kitchen-remodeling-with-ceramic-backsplash
Laguna-Niguel-kitchen-remodel Laguna-Niguel-kitchen-remodel
New-L-shaped-layout-in-kitchen-remodel New-L-shaped-layout-in-kitchen-remodel
Laguna-Niguel-kitchen-remodel-with-colorful-quartz-countertop Laguna-Niguel-kitchen-remodel-with-colorful-quartz-countertop
New-cabinets-countertops-and-backsplash-installation-in-kitchen-remodel New-cabinets-countertops-and-backsplash-installation-in-kitchen-remodel
Relocation-of-electrical-for-new-kitchen-renovation-layout Relocation-of-electrical-for-new-kitchen-renovation-layout
Small-Laguna-Niguel-kitchen-remodel-with-antique-tile-backsplash Small-Laguna-Niguel-kitchen-remodel-with-antique-tile-backsplash
Kitchen-storage-space-with-built-in-cabinetry-in-Laguna-Niguel-renovation Kitchen-storage-space-with-built-in-cabinetry-in-Laguna-Niguel-renovation
Whole-home-remodeling-in-Laguna-Niguel Whole-home-remodeling-in-Laguna-Niguel
Demolish-partial-drywall-for-new-stairway-remodel Demolish-partial-drywall-for-new-stairway-remodel
New-opened-landing-above-stairway-design-in-home-renovation New-opened-landing-above-stairway-design-in-home-renovation
teal-painted-shiplap-wall-accent-in-Laguna-Niguel-home-remodel teal-painted-shiplap-wall-accent-in-Laguna-Niguel-home-remodel

Breathtaking Laguna Niguel Whole Home Remodel

This Laguna Niguel whole home remodeling project features a new kitchen, master bathroom, stairway, and house flooring. Each space in this home has unique design and is brought together cohesively with the engineered hardwood flooring that elevates the home.

This breathtaking master bathroom remodel includes a tub to shower conversion. Altogether, the tub, tile, vanity, mirrors, and flooring were removed and replaced with new design. The gorgeous vanity cabinetry is designed with a custom blue paint color specifically picked out by the homeowner to complement the stunning blue shower tile. The dual vanity is built with maple wood cabinets in Cayhill style and a quartz stone countertop in Pietra with a gloss finish. Running up the wall is a natural stone backsplash in a Dragon Scale design. The statement piece of this master bathroom is the shower wall tile made of ceramic in a Sorrento Wave design. This blue ocean-inspired design is perfect for this home right near the beach!

This home remodel includes a brand new kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, lighting, and flooring. LED recessed can lights were installed with 3-way dimmer switches for easy control on the lighting. Hidden under the top cabinets are undercabinet power strips to allow easy access for plugging in appliances on the countertop. Demolition and relocation of the existing electrical wiring and devices were necessary for a new wall layout in this space.

This lovely intimate kitchen space includes design with brand new maple cabinets in a pearl finish and quartz stone countertops that mimic the design of blue and green granite. Along the walls is a ceramic tiled backsplash with an antique color and finish, inspired by old-fashioned white bricks. The homeowner chose to go with retro looking appliances to complement the modern vintage look. The retro refrigerator is surrounded by built-in cabinets for ample storage.

Through the kitchen and near the entrance of the home is a newly remodeled stairway that included demolishing partial drywall and framing and creating a new top landing. This new stairway included fabricating and installing new stairway railings, posts, and balusters as well as a new opened landing at the top.

Each space in this Laguna Niguel whole home remodel was designed and built with thoughtful construction and value engineering.

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