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Who does not want to wake up to the light, airy waves and refreshing smell of the sea air and ambiance of the waves lightly crashing against the shore?  Let’s plan your beach bathroom remodel.

Oceanic Interior Design

The coastal theme for your new bathroom is one of the most popular designs when re-imagining your sacred oasis.  The beachy, baby blues, sandy tans, seashells and nautical theme has been around for decades.  Whether you go with traditional coral and conch shells or spice it up with a sailor hat or two, the appeal of baby blues, seashells and bright coral colors will have your new bathroom looking as pristine as the Caribbean ocean!  

For one it is timeless and very appealing, so your resale value will go up as the new potential owners will love the remodel you have already invested in.  

Here are some tips on a successful bathroom remodel with a sunshine and seashell escape.  Say that five times fast.  It is also a good idea to plan a remodel this year, since a trip to your newly remodeled bathroom might be your only vacation this year.

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Remodeling Tips for Your California Beach Bathroom 

Beach themed bath remodelWhen considering options for your soon to be remodeled dream beachy theme bathroom, its best to start from the ground up.  I do not recommend sand, even though it is a perfect fit to your beach theme, it might be a bit of a headache once it spreads to all over your home. 

It is sand afterall, it’s known for getting everywhere.  Once you have vacuumed your house ten thousand times you might be re-thinking your ocean escape.  However starting from the ground up is sound advice in selecting your sand toned floor, just to be safe.

New Laminate Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring

You are probably thinking to yourself; what is an affordable, durable, stylish option for your floors?  The answer is a new product that has hit the market, great on uneven floors and highly affordable, vinyl plank flooring that is practically indistinguishable from hard wood flooring.  New plank vinyl flooring looks so much like real wood, you will not want real wood with all the auxiliary benefits.  I can also guarantee it will be a much better option for you then sand.  LVP looks stunning and has practically zero maintenance. You can spill, mop, and scoot on this material with no worries.

New Faucets 

The next investment should be new water faucets, since most are outdated, gold plated and usually spray everywhere.  Although like ocean waves, not really what you want first thing in the morning. Whether you prefer the waterfall effect or new chrome faucets, they will add value, not to mention decadent taste to your new beach bathroom.  Check out the popular faucets that come directly out of your wall as opposed to being fastened to your sink. There are many fabulous faucet options to choose from these days, just pick the faucet that makes you feel the most zen in your new beachy oasis.

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New Shower Enclosure

No shower door

Next on your list should be a new shower enclosure or should I say no shower enclosure at all.  No one likes the shower curtain look or the sliding glass doors that have last year’s water stains permanently stained foggy glass.  

The best enclosure is no enclosure, no sliding doors, just a space where the water can effectively drain.  An oasis where your rain showerhead falls onto your face and for a moment, you are in Fiji enjoying a hot summer day when the rain comes and it’s the most refreshing feeling you have ever felt.  

You will love waking up in the morning and walking into your beachy themed bathroom, turning on your shower and feel like you are stepping into a hidden waterfall lagoon.  As the water falls from your rain faucet, you will imagine you are in a rainforest and forget all your troubles as the warm, clear water touches your face and awakes your senses.

Hanging Rope Shelf 

Another way to add ambiance to your beachy bathroom is to get shelves with a hanging rope.  It’s the perfect touch to add to your nautical look. You can even add some of the same rope to above your mirror, so it feels like you are in a treehouse and have the thick sailor ropes all around your bathroom.  

Another option is to use driftwood for shelving, you can pretend it just washed up on shore and you were able to create some lovely shelves out of them.  

Adding some coral or some lovely seashells to display on your driftwood shelves is the perfect touch to your beachy bathroom makeover.  One last touch would be to add a lovely beach scented candle to really accentuate your new remodeled bathroom.

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Watercolor Art 

When thinking of art to hang in your new remodeled bathroom, look no further than watercolor art.  The soft colors and lines will make you feel relaxed and calm every time you set foot in your little oasis. 

Whether it’s of the ocean itself or a lonely sailboat facing the coming storm, every time you set foot into your newly designed bathroom the watercolor art is sure to take your breath away, or maybe just remind you to breathe, it’s all going to be ok.

Why Opt for a Beach Theme Bathroom?

Why opt for a beach theme bathroom?   If you are not convinced now, I have a few more tidbits of information to share

Well for starters, blue has a calming effect.  In today’s day and age, who does not want that?  Most of us are in dire need of it.  Once you have completed all the above steps, you might find your beach bathroom becoming your most favorite room in the house, and you might catch yourself spending more and more time in there.  

Enjoying all the calming colors, the sea scented candle smell and the ambiance of a beautiful summer beach day.  It is one of the more popular themes you can have so you know it will only add value to your home when you do decide to resell one day. 

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How Can We Help You

The best place to start when wanting to remodel your bathroom into a beachy dream montage is to hire a professional.  

Sea Pointe construction has over 25 years of remodeling experience.  They are the professionals when you want to upgrade, redesign, or remodel any part of your home.  

Give them a call today and make an appointment with one of their design architects to go over what you are envisioning, what kind of budget you are working with and they will take it from there!

Are you looking to begin your bathroom remodeling project in Irvine, California? If so, contact us today! 

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