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Open concept floorplan in Laguna Niguel kitchen remodel that adds resale valueAny time you remodel your home, you’re making an investment in your current space as well as in your home’s future. With that said, it’s important to realize that not every remodeling project has an equal return on investment in terms of future resale value.


If your plan is to continue living in your home for many more years, your focus may be completely different than if you anticipate selling your home soon. For example, planning a remodel centered around your personal style, design preferences, and family size is no problem at all if you’re looking to renovate the space to serve you and your family well now and in the future. If you’re looking to move to another area and put your house on the market, however, your goal may be to only do home renovations that will increase your property’s resale value.


Increase Your Home’s Resale Value With These 5 Remodeling Projects


Depending on the scope of work involved, home renovations can cost as low as a few hundred dollars for something as simple as repainting some walls to thousands of dollars for larger-scale projects such as a bathroom remodel. Put your remodeling dollars to good use with these 5 remodeling projects that will not only make your home look great, but also add resale value.


#1: Kitchen Remodel


Kitchens have been and continue to be the heart of the home. That’s just one reason why renovating this important room can add resale value to your home. From meal preparation and eat-in dining to entertainment spaces and more, kitchens have a variety of functions and typically see a significant amount of traffic on a daily basis.


If your kitchen has not recently been renovated, there’s a good chance that it’s out of style and could use a facelift. And, if it’s small or cramped, it may also need structural changes.


If the existing layout is workable, a kitchen remodel that’s more cosmetically based could be sufficient – adding an exquisite tile backsplash, updating the flooring, installing custom cabinet storage solutions and energy-efficient appliances can go a long way toward adding resale value while making the space beautiful and functional.


Making structural changes to add square footage to the room or to change the layout can cost significantly more, so this should really only be done if the end result will be significantly more valuable than simply making cosmetic changes. Sometimes a less expensive option, such as removing an interior wall, can open up the space and create additional layout opportunities without the added expense of moving exterior walls.


#2: Room Additions


While room additions involve foundation and roofing changes, moving of exterior walls and windows, and changes to your home’s siding, they can still add resale value because they add square footage. Just be sure to work with a skilled design-build team to make sure that the added space is designed and built efficiently to minimize cost and maximize function.


#3: Improve Curb Appeal


You’ve probably been taught all your life to never ‘judge a book by its cover’. Yet, we all do it, whether it’s judging a person based on what they’re wearing or deciding whether to order a particular entree at a restaurant.


The same is true for real estate – what it looks like from the outside often influences our desire to step inside. You could have the most immaculate interior, with top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, but it won’t matter one bit if the outside of your home is unappealing. This is especially true in modern times since many would-be home buyers shop first online – if you want your home to make their list of homes to tour in person, you want to create a great first impression!


Curb appeal improvement projects can be as low-cost as repainting your home and clearing out overgrown shrubbery. Or, they can be more extensive like adding a porch, dormers, or replacing outdated windows. Again, working with a professional remodeling contractor can help determine exactly which curb appeal projects can add the most resale value based on your home’s location.


#4: Master Suites


Double sinks in Huntington Beach bathroom remodel adds resale valueLet’s face it … homes today aren’t just simply places we go to eat and sleep. Many homeowners view their home as a personal retreat, someplace they can relax and get away from it all, and someplace that’s uniquely their own. And, there’s no place in the home better than the master suite to meet all those conditions.


Renovating the master bathroom, for example, can create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere at home. And, upgrading the master bedroom makes a rejuvenating space to unwind and recharge after a long day. Whether you already have a master suite and it simply needs updating, or you want to add one altogether, this is one remodeling project that’s sure to add resale value.


#5: Bathroom Remodels


Outside of the master bathroom, it’s also worth your while to take a look at the other bathrooms in your home. If your remodeling dollars are limited, start with the master bathroom and then move on to the powder room, guest bath, and any other secondary bathrooms. Whenever possible, you’ll get more bang for your buck by simply making cosmetic changes instead of structural ones.


The sky’s the limit in terms of unique tile designs that can be installed in showers, tub areas, or as a backsplash above the sink. Quartz stone countertops with bold veining add visual intrigue and provide a luxurious look and feel. And, custom cabinets can provide storage solutions to help even the smallest of bathrooms feel larger. When you work with a professional bathroom designer, you’ll learn exactly which materials and features to incorporate in your remodel to get the most resale value.


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