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The front of your home speaks to the style and location of your neighborhood. Why not have it make a statement about you? With a clean and customized look, your home’s street-view can make a first impression that’s impossible to forget. Whether you’re channeling a Mediterranean inspired villa or a contemporary-modern design, use this opportunity to give guests a taste of your style before even stepping foot inside.

Sprucing up a few focal areas in your front yard can make all the difference. Here are a few suggestions to easily target exterior assets and maximize curb appeal:

Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal-Sea Pointe Design & Remodel

Update your Front Door

Attract your neighborhood’s attention with an updated front door. Bold colors like cherry red or cool blue can customize your entrance with a dash of personality. Replace deteriorating materials with stock wood doors for a less expensive substitute to solid wood, and without the high susceptibility to warping. Change it up by mimicking this popular style of wood through fiberglass alternatives for a reasonably maintenance-free door. You can also incorporate glass panels to lighten up the heavy appearance.

Illuminate your Home

Lighting up your front entrance has the ability to increase security while enhancing your home’s aesthetics. Guide guests down the walkway with an illuminated path. Offsetting the landscape lights on both sides of the path can control the width of your walkway and compliment the exterior design. Choose from lamps, lanterns, posts or even recessed lighting to boost the mood. Low voltage options keep the entrance warm and inviting, while solar lights serve the environment and your wallet. Use motion sensors for a more cost effective way to control lighting your home late at night.

Tend to your Garden

Adding potted plants by the front door can be eye catching to visitors. For multidimensional displays, introduce some greenery to your walls with mounted pots or hanging plants. Have a covered entrance? Shield plants from unfavorable weather conditions utilizing this additional advantage. Planting a variety of seasonal blooming flowers is an easy solution to finding your yard’s focal point. Take the floral to new heights! Climbing roses can mask weathered gates or bring some life to a wall.

Install a Bay Window

Expand your peek into the outdoors with a bay window. This style of window adds dimension to the front of your home with a three panel option in either casemate, double hung or fixed, that protrudes from the outer wall. Customization can invite light into the front room, while increasing ventilation through double openings. Throw on comfy pillows and cushions to create the perfect nook for reading, a seat to enjoy the panoramic view, or a new favorite spot for your pet to nap and keep watch.

A well-kept lawn and an updated outdoor appearance are the first steps in reaching full potential of your home’s curb appeal. By adding your own personal touches of style and design, your home can be the head-turner of your neighborhood.

Take time to consider the right materials to achieve the look you have envisioned for your home’s statement. Want more information on installation and updating your home’s features? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Design & Remodel today.



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