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Thanks to post-pandemic inflation and building material shortages, home improvements planned for 2022 will already cost you more than they would have in previous years. Why not make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck with a stylish remodel that also packs in as many function-packed home improvements as possible?


While individual tastes change and remodeling trends vary from year to year, the need for function has been and always will be present. That’s because our homes are not mere show pieces but rather, built for our pleasure, enjoyment, and everyday use. As such, the rooms and living spaces we create should be a blend of usefulness and style, meeting the homeowners’ needs in an attractive way.


Function-Packed Home Improvements That Help You Do More


Before you get too involved in scouring online remodeling portfolios for ideas, let’s talk about 5 home improvements you could make now or in the near future to help you get the most out of your space.


1.  A Home Office

Thanks to the pandemic, the popularity of a home office has risen to new heights. Even though the pandemic is waning, however, the need for a designated office space at home is expected to continue. That’s because many employers and employees now realize the benefits of a remote working environment.  A home office can also be beneficial for students who simply need an organized, quiet place to study, do their homework, or complete other school projects.


In this Newport Coast whole home remodel, the homeowners opted for simple white walls contrasted beautifully by a stunning Monark Plank hardwood floor with a herringbone design. There is ample room for comfortable chairs and a work desk while built-in cabinets and shelving provide plenty of storage space to keep this work-from-home office neat and tidy. This is a perfect example of what a stylish but function-packed home improvement can look like!


Herringbone flooring in Newport Coast home office remodel - Function-Packed Home Improvements


2.  Informal Seating Nooks

If you have a formal dining room or outdoor living space with a dining area, these are perfect places for entertaining large groups or for everyday family dining. But what about the times when you want something more informal? Like when you grab a bite to eat with your child before soccer practice or when you want to sit with a cup of coffee and check out the morning news?


A built-in seating area in a kitchen corner or alcove is the perfect informal dining solution. That’s exactly what the homeowners opted for in this Laguna Niguel coastal farmhouse kitchen remodel. The kitchen island has countertop seating for two and the adjacent dining area can handle larger groups, but a small alcove lined with windows makes the perfect spot for a cozy meal or someplace for the kids to sit while doing their homework.


Laguna-Niguel-Blue-rain-custom-cabinetry - function-packed home improvements


3.  Curbless Walk-in Showers and Built-In Shower Benches

Now this is perhaps one of the most future-thinking function-packed home improvements you can make. That’s because curbless showers not only look sleek and stylish but they also fit with today’s hot trend of aging in place. Living in your home as long as possible means making it easier to do so, even when you face mobility challenges. A shower that’s easy to enter and a built-in bench for sitting makes for the perfect aging-in-place design.


For example, the shower in this Mission Viejo bathroom remodel boasts an easily accessible entrance while the built-in shower bench offers both function and visual appeal.


Walk in shower with shampoo niche and bench - function-packed home improvements


4.  Custom Cabinetry For Unique Storage Options

Whether you have a uniquely shaped room or you simply have a lot of things to store, custom cabinets can provide essential storage solutions. They serve the useful purpose of keeping things neat and tidy but can be functional in other ways as well.


In this Newport Coast remodel, for example, the recreation room/den boasts an entire wall of built-in cabinets. The largest cabinet houses a big screen TV while other smaller ones hide a mini beverage fridge and ice maker – an entertainer’s paradise!


Entertainment room remodel with hidden fridge - function-packed home improvements


5.  Mudrooms or Wash Rooms

Whether you have small children or indoor/outdoor pets, a mudroom located near an outside entrance is one of the most useful function-packed home improvements you can make. Cabinets, cubbies, and baskets provide storage space for boots, shoes, bags, and other items that would dirty or clutter the rest of your house.


In this Laguna Hills whole home remodel, the homeowners opted for a custom-built dog wash room. Although it’s currently used to keep dirty pets from tracking through the house, it could just as easily be used for dirty children or soiled shoes!


Designated-dog-shower-remodel - function packed home improvements


Ready to Plan Your Function-Packed Home Improvements?


At Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, we’ve been helping Orange County residents pack style and function into their home renovations for over three decades. From whole home remodels and kitchen renovations to bathroom redos and everything in between, our expert designers and master craftsmen are able to design and build aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.


If you need ideas and inspiration for your next remodeling project, register for our upcoming remodeling webinars to learn about current design trends, see before and after pictures of some of our recent work, and hear from our remodeling experts how to plan and design your project.


Then, when you’re ready to start planning your own remodel, simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.



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