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Backsplash trends - Dark subway tile backsplash in Anaheim Hills kitchen remodel

2022 Remodeling Trends

With the pandemic hopefully behind us, it is now time to focus on what matters most: Your Family & Home! The home means so much more to families than just shelter and security.  This is where you make memories with family and friends. This is where you work and sleep now – this is also a co-working space for many couples. It’s also a place where you create delicious meals and entertain.  Your home should be comfortable and exciting for each of the purposes you use it for.  Your master bath should be a peaceful oasis while your kitchen is a home chefs paradise meant for cooking and gathering.

Over 450 Billion US Dollars were spent in 2020 home improvement needs and wants. With a number this large, the math indicates placing money into your home now, will only benefit you down the road to retirement later. Along with increasing profits, you are gaining delight by enjoying your new remodel, and all the breathtaking accoutrements that come along. Forecasts show that in 2024 over 500 billion will be spent in home improvement. This equals higher property values for all Southern California Owners!

Plenty Of Lush Plants & Floral Accents!

Breathe. We all take breathes although adding opulent plants will create more oxygen in the room as you, and the plant, receive your morning sunshine together.  And if a desert motif is one that stimulates you and your mate, then remember that NASA has concluded Aloe Vera as a top air-purifying plant. These succulents release oxygen at night, require extraordinarily little care, and are inexpensive. Plants of all species help us to breathe better and feel healthier when nature is inside our own homes.

Throwback Vintage for a Nostalgic Look?

When checking out the latest fashion trends for your home in 2022, think about those colors many of us grew up with in our own bedrooms. Yes, burnt orange and avocado are back for 2022! Remember the 50’s and 60’s? Not a worry when you work alongside with a great design team; The concepts and layouts from past to present will be shown to you in all their glory! Here are a few nostalgic looks that will bring a hip and trendy vibe to your 2022 remodel.  Mid-century modern is big this year – and just like your old bell bottoms, the design has changed from the 70s so its all new to you.

  • Flooring: Vinyl, tile, or wood? Your designer will help you select the right flooring for your family needs.
  • Big, Bold Colors! Watch “The Brady Bunch” re-runs to get that vibe of the 70’s back for your home in 2022.
  • Different Materials: A curvy-shaped, velvet Ottoman with striped wallpaper will make you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie (Or Austin Powers!).

Stone, Metal, & Composite: Oh My!

Natural stones are absolutely gorgeous but you need to be careful as natural stones needs more care and precaution in the kitchen where heat and staining can occur during any cooking.  Adding bronze to your Danby white quartzite counter-top will get you the oohs and awes you hope for with a remodel.

When natural stone enters your home, a sense of well-being is instantly felt. While quartz is the leading contender in remodeling these days, there are plenty more options for design and beauty.  Check out these alternatives for a path less traveled:

  • Limestone: Great for the bedroom!
  • Slate: Think of Slate=Studious. Place Slate in your new Study!
  • Marble: This natural stone  can easily be stained so keep out of kitchens and baths but your fireplace is a perfect spot.
  • Granite: We are typically removing granite these days, but some folks find a pattern they love and still want it.

Last, but not least is the crowd-pleasing brick and concrete. Alone, these two materials don’t create excitement as much as a new Lamborghini in the garage, yet when applied properly, the industrial look of brick and concrete combined with modern stainless steel give you a fantastic design that you are looking to obtain!

Elegant Alcohol Fixtures!

Perhaps the Pandemic has us all imbibing a bit more than, let’s say, 2017, but we feel this trend is here to stay! Drink Trolleys and Rolling Bars have all been the on-line rage. Rolling your faves out to your friends at the pool not only looks cool, but it also makes the party easier to manage. The traditional wet bar in the living room is still a must-have for most, yet, getting imaginative with your bar & alcohol choices and placement enhance to the ambiance in a huge way!

Wine racks are required even if you are not the self-proclaimed Sommelier. Proper storage of any wine is vital to its existence. Your designer might view opportunity where others don’t see the vision. Imagine the win rack or the bar itself, lit, in an unused alcove in the family or living room? The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to where the party (all the elegant alcohol fixtures that is) are arranged throughout your new 2022 remodel!

Work From A Home-Friendly Design?

Hopefully you are one of the fortunate people that are allowed to continue working from home. If this is the case, then welcome home! And, if you still need to commute, these work-from-home designs will make everyone in your household feel more technologically advanced. From Wi-Fi to a new office chair, working from home will appear and feel quicker and more dependable after your 2022 remodel.

Tips For Working At Home:

  • Better Lighting.
  • If possible, separate work-space from bathroom & bedroom as far as allowable.
  • Plants!
  • Inspiring Artwork for motivating & growing.
  • Wi-Fi at its Max Speed!
  • Ergonomic mousepad, chair, monitor, etc.
  • Soothing paint.


Are You Ready For 2022?

Do any of these future trends or ideas regarding your home stimulate you to seek direction in 2022? If so, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel can walk you through each and every step of your 2022 home remodel. From something small, to a full re-build, we are here to guide, help, and ensure that all facets of your new remodel will be to you liking for decades to come! Feel free to contact us at 949.647.4306 or schedule your consultation now at:




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