Bathroom RemodelThe Return on Investment You Can Expect

Most Orange County homeowners decide to renovate a master bathroom because their current bath no longer meets their needs, and life is too short not to live in a space that makes you smile every time you use it. If you are considering a remodel for a bath that is either functionally or aesthetically underwhelming, there are compelling reasons to make a change.

An updated bathroom increases the value of your home. The kitchen and master bath are the two most important rooms in your house, not only for enjoyment but also for creating value. A renovated bath not only improves your quality of life, but it will also increase the resale value of your home and make your home more attractive and easier to sell.

New technology, advances in product design, and showroom expertise exist to help you create the in-home spa of your dreams. Your personal retreat may include a steam shower with music and light and aromatherapies. Perhaps you’d like heated floors and towel warmers that help you and your family stay warm and toasty following a bath or shower. A free-standing tub is a sculptural work of art and could serve as a beautiful focal point of your space.

Bathroom Remodel Done Right

If done right, bath renovation can provide a high return on investment. Our showroom professionals know the fixtures that withstand the test of time for their appearance, performance, and functionality. It’s a win to you to redo a shower and install a high-efficiency showerhead with spray options ranging from a gentle mist to rain forest complemented by a thermostatic valve that allows you to specify the exact water temperature to wash away the stresses of the day, recharge your batteries and relax tired muscles. These improvements can hold their value for decades.

Increasingly, a large percentage of our clients are opting to stay in their homes longer and upgrade to allow themselves and their family members to age in place gracefully and with dignity. Bathroom renovations provide the perfect opportunity to install curbless showers, decorative grab bars, lower countertops and an overall footprint that improves the functionality and flow of the bath now and for the future.

Recent surveys from plumbing manufacturers find that Americans are spending more time in the bath. When you think about it, the bath is the place where you and your family start and end the day. How much more enjoyable would your mornings and evenings become if you had a vanity mirror that adjusted light levels to help ensure that you look your best regardless of the time of day? There are multiple reasons to remodel your bath. 

If your bathrooms no longer serve your functional, lifestyle or aesthetic needs, give the Sea Pointe Construction Design/Build professionals a call at (949) 861-3400 or visit our design showroom at 576 Wald, Irvine CA 92618.

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