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When you walk into a hardware store, it is a sure fact that you will find aisles of wood. Wood comes in an array of cuts which make for perfect materials to use in our homes. While we might not realize all the various ways wood can enhance our spaces, it is a material in particular that deserves to be highlighted. Whether your home’s theme is rustic, modern, vintage, or contemporary, wood can be used a number of ways to refurbish the look of your home. Here are some ways to utilize the earth’s gift of timber.


Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors can offer your home a rustic look or a clean finish look, depending on the type of wood you plan to install. However, it is important to consider the presence of moisture when deciding which floors to lay and where to lay them. Moisture can create issues, causing your floor to gap or warp. While classic wood is still a common option for flooring, engineered wood works on plywood or concrete subfloors. Engineered wood comes already laminated in easy to assemble planks. Installation is simple because you can lay the wood using glue rather than nails. The way engineered wood is constructed means it should not expand or contract, alleviating the potential for moisture leakage and making this type of flooring perfect for hallways, living rooms, or kitchens.

Wood Furniture

Most furniture is made from wood, but then is primed, painted, and coated so much that you can hardly tell it was wood to begin with. The presence of natural wood is becoming a staple look for some homes. Let your furniture look natural by crafting a wooden table, coffee table, or end tables to use on a daily basis. Depending on your personal taste, you might craft a table with bench seating for a more communal and picnic feel or you can make individual chairs. Make an island for your kitchen using wood. Gather plywood planks, craft a cube, and then cut out spaces in the side to add cupboards and cabinets. Doing this gives you added space to store kitchen materials in the middle.


Accent a Wall

Turn one of your plain white walls into a wooden accent wall. There are many ways to design a great accent wall. One, you could align the same size planks in neat rows. Hanging pictures and décor can easily be done on a wooden wall. Plus, if you are someone who likes the outdoors, this look gives your home a nature- feel without needing to go outside. A second idea is you could use various pieces or shapes to create a more scattered and unplanned look on the wall. This look will allow for some pieces to stick out creating shelves or a 3D design. Doing this on a wall in your kitchen could make for a neat storage display of your spices or oils. The options for presentation are nearly endless.



Wall Art

For those who own smaller homes or live in tighter spaces, a whole wall might be too much accent, so you should consider hanging wooden art pieces. A number of shapes and signs can be made out of timber, plywood, regular wood, or laminated wood. Create a border on the wall using thin wood planks to frame a space; add interest to a certain focal point on the wall. Another great idea is to make your own art. Take long planks and nail them together side by side. Then cut the large created square in a circle, star, rectangle, or shape of your desire. Paint each plank a different color, or leave them in their natural wooden element. With these crafted art cut-outs, take it one step further by adding smaller pieces of letter or number cut outs. Create your own signs by posting words, phrase, or important dates to create personalized pieces of wall décor.

The look of wood can be universally standard or very unique depending on your personal style. Nevertheless, wood is perfect for enhancing the look of your home both on the floors and the walls. While some of these refurbishments are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, the possibilities for using wood are endless. Sea Pointe Construction can help will all of your general carpentry needs. To see some of our wood work, visit our Design Showroom page.

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