Arguably the heart of the home, kitchens should not only be welcoming, but also employ functionality to make the cook’s life easier. Often times, families can become overwhelmed in terms of organizing kitchen tools, appliances, and décor… especially when space is sparse. Are you almost ready to hang up the towel? Perhaps you are at the point where you are ready for a custom solution. These common kitchen problems can be fixed with customized kitchen cabinets and drawers to make your life easier and your kitchen more organized.

Using Custom Cabinets to Solve Kitchen Organization Problems | Sea Pointe Blog

Problem: You forget where you put things.
Solution: Glass doors for your cabinets.

Are things constantly being moved around in your kitchen? Maybe you are tired of opening every cabinet in the kitchen to find your favorite coffee mug. Why not give glass cabinet doors a go? This will let you find things in a flash. You can also put decorative dishes on display for decor. Glass cabinet doors also tend to give the space a more open feel, giving the room a little more depth. If you don’t trust yourself to keep your cabinets looking pristine behind the doors, go for frosted glass to hide any messes inside.

Problem: Your counter space is limited.
Solution: Install floating appliances and shelves.

Counter space is precious for any cook, experienced or not. When it is overwhelmed with a ton of small appliances, not only does it start to look cluttered, but you are also left with hardly any room to create culinary masterpieces. We suggest embedding appliances like microwaves or toaster ovens into your cabinetry so that they are up and away from countertops entirely. This can free up at least a couple feet for you to work. For other countertop items like spices or utensils, floating shelves can be installed to get them out of the way, but never far from reach.

Using Custom Cabinets to Solve Kitchen Organization Problems | Sea Pointe Blog

Problem: You need more storage space
Solution: Put in custom cabinet racks

People often think they do not have enough storage space, when in reality they are just not completely maximizing every inch they do have. Take advantage of all the air space in cabinets by designing and installing custom cabinet tiered storage racks. Not only can these keep you more organized, but you can potentially fit double the amount of stored items in one cabinet by taking its potential storage space all the way to the top. This works best with lower cabinets where you will be able to see and reach everything on the racks.

Problem: You waste a whole drawer on silverware
Solution: Install a vertical cutlery organizer

Many people waste an entire kitchen drawer by laying their silverware flat. Get more space by keeping your silverware in a deeper drawer and storing them vertically in a custom organizer. Realistically, you’ll only need about four to five slots, leaving a ton of extra drawer space for other items.

Whatever your kitchen problem, Sea Pointe Construction is here to help. We can help evaluate your space for pain points and come up with custom solutions to make your time in the kitchen easy and worry-free. Contact us for a free in-home estimate, and to talk about your own custom cabinet ideas that we can help bring to life.

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