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Not only is it a new year but a new decade as well. What are your home plans for 2020? Are you thinking about remodeling? The kitchen is the heart of the home and typically the first update a home owner considers remodeling.  Your kitchen remodel can make a major difference for your home design and value. Before taking on any kitchen remodel, you want to think about what kitchen design look you want for your home and what type of kitchen renovations you’re willing to take on.

Some trends come and go, while others stand the test of time. When designing a kitchen, you want a look that is going to last because of the time and money that is spent on the project. Kitchens are the center of most homes; many people cook, eat, gather and converse in the kitchen. The kitchen has become the new living room, because of all the action that takes place in it. To help you determine your kitchen style and how much kitchen renovation you want, here are some 2020 kitchen design trends that our professional Kitchen Designers provided for the new decade of kitchens.

1. Blue Kitchen Design is a Hit in 2020

Classic Blue is the 2020 color of the year, as named by Pantone. Compounded by Shutterstock’s annual Color Trend report based on pixel data from customer downloads, they call out Lush Lava Blue, Aqua Menthe, and Phantom Blue. Blue is in!

Blue Kitchen Designs are In    Blue Kitchen Trends of 2020





Who doesn’t love a clear blue sky, or a crisp blue ocean? When one sees the color blue, it causes the body to create a sense of calm. The color blue is often described as peaceful and tranquil, so why not add it to your kitchen remodel? Depending on the style of kitchen you are going for, there are so many different shades and applications to pick from. Just check out the handy color picker chart by Pantone ( to see how many shades of relaxing blue you can choose from.

Pantone Announced Blue is the Color of the Year in 2020These beautiful shades of blue can be integrated throughout the whole kitchen or used just as an accent color on your island, range hood, or even just on perimeter kitchen cabinets if you prefer color in moderation. If you are someone who dreams about an all-white kitchen, it allows you to have this while adding a slight pop to the design. Both home designers and kitchen designers would agree that these beautiful blue colors are a major trend in home designs today. Many people may be turned away by blue cabinets because they fear that it won’t stay in style, but navy blue is a very neutral color, which is what people often stick with when remodeling.

2. Wood Kitchen Cabinets are Timeless and on Trend:

If you are not someone who dreams about an all-white kitchen or someone who dreams about dimension, then the 2020 kitchen wood cabinets trend is the design for you. Wood kitchen cabinets allow for a more natural look instead of the crisp white cabinet design. If you like a two-tone kitchen cabinet aesthetic, you can combine both a natural soft color with wood finishes to create a beautiful two-tone kitchen design style while satisfying a modern kitchen design as well. The beautiful part about wood cabinets is the wide variety of color variations, styles and grain patterns. You can even paint wood cabinets to hide the grain pattern or stain them to make the grain pattern pop. You may even stain your natural wood with an unnatural color to show the quality wood grain with a pop of color in your cosmo kitchen.

Using Wood in your kitchen remodel will keep you on trend in 2020 and years to come.    2020 Kitchen Trends include Natural Wood Use
Another very appealing aspect about stained wood kitchen cabinets, is that they may to be touched up very easily. Whether you choose dark or light wood for your cabinets or even just as an accent in your kitchen, both create an earthy, natural look for a beautiful kitchen in a California home. Wood is becoming more and more popular because of its natural and calming appeal.

3. Stainless Steel Exudes Polished Elegance:

Stainless Steel Appliances are on Tren in 2020Do you want a beautiful, non-porous, strong, and scratch resistant kitchen countertop? If you want a durable, stain-resistant, easy-to clean kitchen counter surface, then quartz is the countertop material for you. With so many beautiful color options to choose from, each quartz countertop is carefully man-made (Surprise! Quartzite is the natural version of this stone). These beautiful countertops are made of 93% ground quartz and the rest polymers, resins and pigments to give it color. Compared to very porous, non-hygienic granite, Quartz is a countertop that you do not have to worry about. Quartz is known to be stronger than granite, so it is less likely to chip. Another aspect is that it is 2X more scratch resistant than granite, which is a major bonus for many people.

Something unique about Quartz being manufactured is that you don’t have to shop for that one perfect piece with the exact veining that you like. You can buy pieces with specific veins, whether it is dark or light veins, or specific coloring, you’re able to buy based off exactly what you like best. Having such a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, makes it easy and enjoyable to use quartz in your kitchen or bath, because your options are not limited.

4. Continuous Kitchen Countertop Design Trend:

Continuous Countertops on Trend for 2020Another HOT trend for 2020 kitchen design is continuous countertops. This is where the Designer extends your beautiful kitchen countertop material all the way up your backsplash and beyond as well as let it fall off your counter for the waterfall look.

These beautiful continuous countertops look amazing and sleek. Waterfall countertops are limited to granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite. This kitchen design trend in countertops looks beautiful when accenting with wood as well. Something brilliant about the waterfall countertop that you may not think about, is that it can hide your island stools if you prefer a cleaner kitchen design. Waterfall countertops enhance the look of your kitchen island and give it a unique kitchen design feature that will catch everyone’s eye.

This goes for the one slab, matching backsplash as well. It is simple and sleek yet adds the perfect amount of charm to your kitchen. Matching the back splash to your countertops causes your eye to travel, starting from the countertop all the way to the back splash. When you match your back splash stone to your kitchen countertop stone, it makes the space feel bigger than it is, much like a mirror does. Continuing your countertop, the back splash also helps to accentuate the beautiful piece of material chosen.

5. Gold is Not Just for Earrings in 2020 – Count Your Kitchen IN:

Gold Home Accent TrendsJust like fashion, Gold is IN! Trends do transcend across design and you will often find colors that are in, appear not only in clothing but in product and home design. Gold colored accessories are in.

You can go big or small with this trend.  Simple home remodel design elements like drawer and kitchen cabinet pulls, recessed lighting accent caps to faucets and quartz veining keep it on the accent level.  Getting a gold range is a new level of extravagant.  Whether you’re looking for gold kitchen design inspiration in the accent area or the take over, we have plenty of products and materials to choose from.

Whether you prefer a colorful kitchen design or monochromatic kitchen with natural wood accents, Sea Pointe Designers are on trend and know which trends are here to stay. When you are ready to design your own kitchen, give us a shout and we’re happy to help design the kitchen of your dreams.(949) 861-3400.

To get more kitchen design inspiration, check out our kitchen remodeling portfolio.  We’ve captured hundreds of kitchen remodels on camera from the thousands of kitchen remodeling projects we’ve completed since 1986. Check back often as we’re posting new Orange County kitchen remodeling pictures weekly.

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