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Compact space in your home may make you feel enclosed and claustrophobic, lending to smaller rooms not being utilized for daily use. Maximizing a small room may seem impossible and intimidating when you first look at the task. Whether you want to start utilizing a spare room, or you’re feeling cramped in a tiny master bedroom, there are ways to transform a tight area into what seems large and spacious.

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Here are a few techniques to maximize a small room.

Trick Your Eyes!

Pick your colors wisely; choose from mid-toned colors—like ones you’d find in the middle of a paint strip. It is often preferred to give the walls a makeover with a neutral shade to add to the ambience of the room. Not only will it seem tasteful, larger, and more airy, but neutral colors match with any decorative style. The ceilings should remain white to help create the illusion that your room is open and bright.

Hang long curtains in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office to make the ceiling appear higher. If you want a more classic and clean look, tailor your curtains so they hover half an inch off the floor. To have a more exaggerated decor, leave about six inches of fabric to siting on the floor.

Choose mirrors as a decorative touch to create depth. Granted, the style of the mirror should match the rest of your décor. You can add multiple mirrors to create creative wall décor, as well. If you don’t have the luxury of repainting your whole space, place the mirror in the darkest part of the room to lighten it up!

Multipurpose Furniture

Who said the main attraction should be your furniture? To take advantage of more floor space, reduce the size of large pieces like your bed frame and sofa. You should be selective and choose items that will not make the furniture seem overbearing, making the room look less compact. If you can’t purchase new pieces, create storage underneath your bed or sofa to organize and stow away your belongings. Install shelves in a closet to transform it into a hidden dresser or convert a small table into a desk.

Take away entertainment furniture; utilize what you already have and turn it into a multi-purpose unit. Completely eliminating a hutch or entertainment center and mounting your television to the wall will make the room look less cluttered.

If you are feeling adventurous, purchase floating shelves as storage. They are easy to install and come in a wide variety of styles to fit with any décor. Not only do they have a low maintenance set up, they give height, making your room seem bigger.

If you are looking to physically expand the square footage of your space, our team will assist you in choosing the perfect remodeling plan. Seapointe’s team of professionals will help you create the spacious room you have always wanted.



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