Kitchen Cabinet Storage SolutionsPull-out waste and recycling bin cabinets were the top-rated storage solution in a recent survey of homeowners undertaking a kitchen renovation. This does not surprise us because of the heavy lifting recycling and garbage bins perform in a well-designed kitchen. Many of our customers prefer pull-out options to floor standing alternatives for the following reasons:

  • Aesthetics: When bins are hidden inside a cabinet or drawer, they are out of sight but easily accessible. We have yet to find garbage cans and recycling bins that improve the look and feel of a new kitchen nor do most bins that fit under the sink provide the functionality that our customers need and deserve.
  • Flexibility: Pull-out containers can be incorporated in any design motif. Recycling and refuse containers fit seamlessly into a deep drawer. When closed, there is no evidence that the space is being used for rubbish and recyclables. Depending on kitchen size, we may recommend more than one pull out cabinet for waste and recycling containers.
  • Functionality: Pull out bins are easy to use. Plus, many of our clients appreciate when we place the pull-out drawer below a butcher block insert or designated prep area that allows home cooks to easily sweep waste into a garbage or compost bin. A great idea for smaller kitchens is a drawer above the pull-out cabinet that has a cutting board insert with a hole in it that allows home cooks to sweep waste directly into the bin and hide the cutting board away when not in use.
  • Environmental efficiency: Pull out drawers makes it easy to recycle or compost. We’ve specified pull outs with multiple bins used for paper, waste, glass and metal.
  • Odor control: Leftover cooking and kitchen product waste and containers can produce unpleasant odors, especially if our client indicates a preference for a composting bin. In those cases, we will recommend bins with lids and models specifically designed for compost.
  • Budget friendly: There are systems that can be custom designed depending on cabinet selection, plus there are opportunities to incorporate pull-out containers in any underused space in the kitchen.

We understand that you might not place recycling bins and garbage disposal at the top of your priority list when you envision your new dream kitchen. That’s why we ask our clients lots of questions relating to how they plan to use their new kitchen, how often they cook and entertain and their environmental preferences, among others to help assure that our recommendations not only result in a beautiful new space but one that is equally fun and easy to use.


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