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Stylizing Your Mantel


As a design-build remodeling company, we’re known for helping people have a fun and positive remodeling experience in terms of kitchen, bath, or whole home renovations. But, did you know that sometimes making a small change in your home’s decor can provide a whole new look with very little effort? Since the holidays are right around the corner, let’s look at how stylizing your mantel can help you accomplish exactly that.


Why Stylize Your Mantel for the Holidays?


Right now, we’re talking about stylizing your mantel for the holiday season. The truth is, though, you can stylize it any time of the year. Here are 3 great reasons why:


  1. It’s an affordable way to get a new look. Do you ever wish you could change the feel or look of a room without having to do a full remodeling project? When you stylize your mantel, you can! You can totally transform the space to a new design or different vibe simply by changing out accessories.


  1. It doesn’t take much time. Time is a valuable commodity, especially for homeowners. But, stylizing your mantel can be done in less than an hour if you already have the supplies. It’ll take longer if you have to shop for accessories, of course, but it still takes a relatively short amount of time overall.


  1. You can follow current trends. Remodeling trends change every year. If you’re not ready for a whole house remodel, keep up with the current styles simply by utilizing them in your home decor. For example, you can stylize your mantel with this year’s trendy color of forest green rather than changing the color palette of an entire room.


3 Essential Elements to Include When Stylizing Your Mantel


Now that you know why it can be fun or useful to stylize your mantel, let’s look at the basics for how it’s done. Your design can be anything you like, but here are the elements that you’ll want to consider:


  • Your anchor – This is one piece that will stay the same all year long. For example, many people have a large mirror or piece of artwork that hangs above their fireplace. When you stylize your mantel, the anchor stays in place and everything you put around it should complement that base.


  • Supporting elements – These are the items that are changed out seasonally. While the anchor stays the same, the accessories placed around or in front of it can significantly change the look and feel of the space.


  • Lighting – Candles or other lights can brighten up the mantel, adding character, dimension, and interest.


How to Create 3 Different Looks When You Stylize Your Mantel


Holiday Mantel


Your stylized mantel may look very different based on where you live geographically, your own personal preferences, and the overall style of your home. Here are some different mantel designs to give you some inspiration as you think about what style works best for you …


  • Traditional Holiday Design – If you like the traditional red and green look of Christmas, this one’s for you! As a base, start with some greenery – either fresh or artificial garland from your favorite local store for holiday decor. Then, choose your decorations that will sit on either side of the mantel. These will ground the space, create a balanced look, and can include items like red and green holiday wreaths. Lastly, accessorize in front with baskets of holly, reindeer, gnomes, stockings, or other family favorites.


Stylize Your mantel


  • Modern Farmhouse Design – This design is perfect for homeowners going for a rustic look. Build around your anchor with rustic elements, replacing the traditional red and green colors with more earthy tones like forest green, white, brown, and cream. You can still keep your garland greenery at the base. Then, accessorize with pinecones, rustic holiday signs, olive branches, or wooden beads to keep the natural look. Top it off with the soft glow of candles on either side.


Stylizing Mantel


  • Beachy Winter Wonderland Design – Here in southern California, many of our design-build clients prefer a beach-themed Christmas versus the snowy white designs that are traditional in colder climates. You can stylize your mantel with the same green garland base but contrast it with silver, gold, and white to create more of a seaside atmosphere. Accessorizing with white driftwood wreaths, glass or light colored miniature trees, and driftwood branches are all perfect ways to achieve a soft, beachy, ethereal vibe.


Stylize Your Mantel


Home Remodeling Projects for 2022


Now that you know how to stylize your mantel for the holidays, it’s time to get to work and make it happen! Then, take some time to think about your remodeling goals for the year ahead.


Do you envision a fresh kitchen design or remodeled master bathroom in 2022? When you’re ready to start planning, our award-winning designers and master craftsmen are ready to help! Simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation today. Happy holidays!



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