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The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in any house, and one of the areas that can make or break an owner’s satisfaction with their home. If your kitchen feels old and outdated, you won’t enjoy spending time in it nearly as much as if it reflects up-to-date style and features. There are a variety of ways you can modernize your kitchen, from simple fixes to more involved upgrades.

Seven Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen | Sea Pointe Design & Remodel Blog

1. New hardware – Replacing old knobs and drawer pulls with new hardware in more contemporary styles and finishes is a fast way to add a splash of modern style. With literally hundreds of choices available, you can easily find an attractive update for your cabinets.

2. Appliances – Your refrigerator doesn’t have to be avocado green to feel like a relic from the past. Replacing your aged appliances can offer benefits beyond sprucing up your kitchen with a modern look, however. Modern appliances are continually improving in energy efficiency and convenient features unavailable even a few years ago, so an upgrade here can lower your utility bills as well as enhancing your enjoyment of your kitchen.

3. Backsplash – A beautiful backsplash can be an attractive backdrop for your kitchen. This is a great place to add an accent of modern tile in contemporary materials, patterns, or textures to show off your personal style.

4. Countertops – The counter is not merely a functional work surface, it is also one of the largest design elements of your kitchen. Replacing your countertop with natural stone, a high-performance manufactured stone, or other innovative modern materials can transform the look of your space.

5. Flooring – You may not think much about the material underfoot when you’re cooking, but changing out the flooring can be a smart choice. New trends in tile design offer a plethora of options for creating a more modern aesthetic. Looks aren’t the only reason to consider updating your floor, however. Materials like tile and stone are sturdier than traditional vinyl or linoleum flooring, offering good long-term value.

6. Cabinets – It isn’t necessary to completely replace your cabinets in order to update them. Existing cabinets can be refinished, or repainted in bright modern colors or contemporary faux finishes. You can even replace the doors on existing cabinets, swapping in more modern finishes and trims or even some glass-front doors on upper cabinets to change up your kitchen’s look.

7. New lighting – This is another area where a modern update can be a wise move to reduce your power bills. Whether you want to replace existing light fixtures with those featuring sleeker lines and more contemporary finishes or you want to install recessed lights to replace outdated overhead fixtures, LED options offer attractive illumination and considerable energy savings.

The win-win of modernizing your kitchen is that you increase your home’s value while you also increase your enjoyment of ownership. If you’d like to find out more about remodeling options that can bring your kitchen into the twenty-first century, contact the experts at Sea Pointe Design & Remodel.



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