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O.C. homes have evolved dramatically over the past several decades in part, to reflect the shift in how we live. When remodeling, Sea Pointe’s clients usually request layout changes that take previously formal areas and makes them more casual & open. Other popular Design/Build favorites include:

Remodeling Plan
Pantries: Walk-in pantries & service kitchens are popular since current kitchens are open to public view. It gives a space to hide the mess.

Spare Rooms: There are more rooms not intended to be bedrooms, but used for kid’s playrooms, libraries, yoga, offices, home schooling, etc.

Guest Baths: No longer cramped spaces with a small sink & toilet, they are often the only bathroom not attached to a bedroom.

Laundry Rooms: Moved closer to the bedrooms. Increasingly designed for multiple users, such as crafts or sewing area. In older homes, washers & dryers were located in garages.

Fireplaces: More is more in a modern remodel. There can be two or three fireplaces in a home instead of just one located in the living room.

Great Rooms: A staple in modern homes, this includes the kitchen, family room and breakfast nook. This area can often exceed 30 feet in length, giving a spacious feeling to the heart of the house.

Master Bedrooms: Usually upstairs, but many are moving some to the main floor to satisfy an aging but active baby-boomer population. Located away from active areas, they are at least 12X14 feet and often include a seating area. Before these rooms may have been 10X10 feet.

Master Bathroom: A modern remodeled master bathroom is often as large as the master bedroom. This extra room allows for furniture-like decor instead of simple utility. Features include two sinks, separate shower & tub, dressing area & makeup vanity.

Master Closets: Today they can be larger than secondary bedrooms, about 12X14 feet. Often they are separate his & hers closets.



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