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Open Concept Design in 2020

How the Open Concept Floor Plan is Evolving in 2020

Contrary to some media outlets touting the end of the world for open concept floor plans, real estate agents in California expect them to be around for the foreseeable future. It’s easy to see why.

Top 4 reasons for an open concept floor plan

If you’re looking to do a whole house remodel, or purchase a home that’s already on the market, here are a few reasons why creating or looking for an open floor plan might be the best choice.

  1.   Easier Home Sales

If you think you might sell your home within the next 5 years, it’s time to think seriously about an open floor plan. Local real estate agents report that the majority of prospective buyers are still looking for an open floor plan design. Of course, you need to make sure it works for you and your family in the meantime, but thinking ahead can make your home easier to sell when the time comes because your home will have what buyers are looking for.

  1.   Engaging Entertaining and Family Time

With an open concept design, the kitchen flows into the dining room and living spaces where there is plenty of room for the free movement of people and food. This is certainly helpful when entertaining a crowd, but is just as useful when you’re preparing an evening meal and the rest of the family is watching TV.  You’ll often find half the family conversing in the kitchen and half in the family space but both able to easily chat between the two spaces as well.

  1.   Fewer Furniture Restrictions

When you’re not limited by walls and cramped spaces, furniture options seem endless. Larger furniture pieces such as sectional sofas, recliners, and wide screen televisions are no problem in an open floor plan.  You may also use furniture to sectionalize your open concept design into specific use space.  You may use a simple credenza to separate your TV space from quaint conversation space with a couple of arm chairs.  There seems to be limitless possibilities with your open concept design to furniture placement and use.

  1.   Space and Freedom

An open concept design creates a feeling of space and freedom, one that many millennials are familiar with because their workplaces have a similar setup. With continuity between home and work, the free-flowing atmosphere can lead to greater productivity and help reduce stress.

Why the Critics Believe this Trend is Ending – or Should

While the positives of an open floor plan seem to outweigh the negatives, at least in our current market, the critics points deserve to be reviewed. Giving you both sides will allow you to select the design best suited for your own family home function and design preferences.

  1.   Kitchen Messes Remain in Plain Sight

There are three easy solutions to this problem – keep messes cleaned up, or invest in custom storage options that keep messes out of sight and make the kitchen look sleek and clutter-free. The third option to ensure your kitchen is always ready for guests is to include a prep area or butler’s kitchen in your open concept remodel.  Talking to your Designer about these concerns will also open up plenty of other options, as most professional Designers have seen it all.

  1.   Noise May be an Issue

When there is a lot of activity in the kitchen, it also translates to the living spaces, and vice versa. Some noise control can be achieved through the use of different types of flooring, but it won’t eliminate excessive noise altogether.  Another solution here is to use furniture as partial barriers or the 2-sided fire place that keeps it mostly open with small divider.

Open Concept Design

  1.   Limited Shelving or Wall Decorating Space

With fewer walls, it’s natural that there would be less space for hanging decorations or installing shelves. This may be seen as a disadvantage for some, but for others it’s a positive because it helps keep clutter in check. Consider using credenzas, end tables, and stair ways to display your family pictures.

Regardless of current construction or remodeling trends, your own remodeling project should be planned with your own goals and needs in mind. Sea Pointe prides ourselves on designs that deliver more function and joy to your family. Give us a call and one of our professional Designers can walk you through the process and help you get the dream home you are looking for.

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