Though most people believe they spend upwards of 20 minutes showering, behavioral market researchers reveal that the majority of people actually spend a lot less time in the shower. The shower study also revealed that people use the shower for a variety of different purposes beyond just getting clean – based on mood, time of day & other factors.

At Sea Pointe, we have noticed the following trends being requested by clients when remodeling their Master Shower:

SPA EXPERIENCE – One of the most critical places in the house is now a destination for relaxation.

BUILT IN STORAGE – Recessed shampoo boxes add dimension & niche-like display areas to store beautifully stored essentials.

RESTING PLACES – Built in shower seats & shaving ledges visually melt into enclosure when not in in use but offer welcome respites where needed.

CUSTOM WATERWORKS – Bathers are demanding customized plumbing which now include multiple shower-massage heads, thermostatic temperature control valves and hand-held shower heads that offer a variety of height locations & water settings.

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