Each year new trends and products catch fire and blaze throughout the home remodeling industry. One item that’s heating up is under-counter microwave drawer. Are you tired of that large, bulky appliance taking up your precious counterspace? Or how about all the extra storage you could get back if you didn’t have 30 inches of overhead kitchen cabinets being taken up with an outdated microwave?

Our design consultants always ask clients What do you want out of this kitchen remodel? and answers vary. Some say they love to entertain and their galley kitchen just isn’t working for them anymore. Others respond saying they need more space. Well, microwave drawers can be built into your under-counter cabinetry or placed underneath wall ovens, freeing up your treasured work space. They also function as a warming oven, so no need for those two cumbersome ovens anymore you get more space and the capacity to still cook for a larger group.

With the under-counter microwave you can stir your food without having to pull it out and the risk of burning yourself on hot plates is reduced. You can also cover the front of the microwave with a panel of cabinetry to make the appliance seamlessly disappear for a built-in finish. The options are endless: standard or flush mount; framed or unframed; popcorn or home-made macaroni and cheese. You should consider options such as the under-counter microwave when selecting appliances to incorporate into your kitchen remodel, but make sure to talk with your kitchen designer first. Your design consultant can  easily  accommodate for gadgets  like this when ordering cabinets and counter tops, but they need to know ahead of time.

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