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Gray, white, brown, and black are commonly referred to as neutral colors which may imply that they are dull and uneventful; but in reality they can create some of the most vivacious and dramatic moments in home design.

Since they are neutral, and they don’t contrast with many colors, they work well as complementary colors to all the colors of the rainbow, making them the most versatile colors available for design.

Whether these neutral colors allow other colors to shine, or they provide the drama on their own, it is not hard to see why homeowners and designers are passionate about using neutral colors in a home’s design and remodeling.

Here are a few of the most dramatic, beautiful, and stunning ways to incorporate the world’s most neutral colors into your home.


This Dramatic Black Soaking Tub – The Ultimate In Sophistication

Using neutral colors in home design

When it comes to sophistication and luxury, you just can’t do any better than this dramatic black soaking tub. Because black is associated with luxury, elegance and sexiness, using it on this tub creates an undeniably seductive feel in this upscale home.

This Dramatic Black Fireplace Is the Focal Point of the Room

Black fireplace in Anaheim Hills

Speaking of dramatic sexiness, the same home in Anaheim Hills that featured the black soaking tub also showcases this riveting black fireplace. Your eyes just can’t look away from this beautiful, sophisticated focal point.

This Over-the-Top White Kitchen

White kitchen in Coto de Caza

Normally when we talk about this stunning, over-the-top white kitchen in Coto de Caza, we wax poetically about that gorgeous blue range and hood; but the star of this kitchen is actually the liberal use of white. This one-of-a-kind kitchen somehow impossibly uses white in two ways. First, since white is the most neutral color on the spectrum, it manages to elevate, and draw attention to the other color here – that eye-catching blue range and hood.

Kitchen remodel in Coto de Caza

But interestingly this kitchen also uses white as the star of the kitchen in such moments as the designs on the mirrored cabinets, the stunning two toned white tile backsplash, and those jaw dropping clear legs on the islands which convey the illusion of glowing white when illuminated or reflecting the light. Whoever said white has to be neutral, never saw this amazing kitchen.

This Brown Kitchen with a Stunning Waterfall Bar

Waterfall bar in kitchen remodel

When we think of brown, we think of simplicity, naturalness, warmth, and wellness and this beautiful kitchen with its caramel toned waterfall bar manages to convey warmth and beauty. The brown materials are the star of this kitchen. Chosen with care and deliberation, they immediately make you feel welcomed despite being incredibly upscale.

Using Brown Custom Trim and Cabinets to Incorporate Nature into Your Home

Custom brown trim in remodel

The only way you can frame this stunning view of nature is with the liberal use of brown. Here gorgeous custom trim, molding, and cabinets invite nature into this San Clemente home.

These Brown Beams to Make This Wide Open Space Feel Cozy

Brown beams in home design

If you want to make oversized, cavernous spaces feel cozy, add stunning brown beams. They warm up any space and somehow, even with that magnificent view, your eyes are still drawn to the beams.

Remodeling Spaces for People Who Love Dramatic Designs

Using neutral colors in your home’s remodel and design can add dramatic moments into your home. This is exactly why our customers and our designers love to use whites, black, browns, and grays. If you’re ready to start planning your own dramatic renovation, give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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