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Blue and White Two Toned Kitchen Renovation With Open Concept Layout

When it comes to overall popularity, the color blue reigns supreme, so here are some stunning ideas to incorporate the color blue into your home’s design or a remodeling project.

Why People Are Drawn to Blue in Home Design

Cool colors - blue

There isn’t a single color more popular in the world than blue. Its popularity extends to every country and demographic. But why? What does blue represent?

The color blue is closely associated with feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. People have also been shown to be more productive in the presence of blue and it can also boost creativity.

Conversely, blue can create feelings of sadness or aloofness. It is also one of the least appetizing colors on the spectrum, and foods that turn blue are typically spoiled. But despite the few negatives, blue remains universally the most popular color. Because of its broad appeal, it is often considered a non-polarizing color.

People who like the color blue share similar character traits. They can be more dependable, trustworthy, gentle, compassionate, peaceful, and strong.

It is not hard to see why blue is a popular color in home design and remodeling. After all, when you think about what you want to feel in your home, what can be better than feeling peaceful and serene? This is exactly why our customers and designers love to use blue. Here are a few of the most beautiful and stunning ways to incorporate the world’s favorite color into your home.

This Classic Blue Island and Hood Steal the Spotlight

San Clemente Blue Kitchen Trends of 2020

This traditional kitchen on its own is a beautiful work of art, but when you ground the entire design by this classic blue island with custom blue hood designed by Sea Pointe, the entire aesthetic transforms into pure sophistication.

While this kitchen has plenty of stunning details, the classic blue really pops and steals the stage. You can see the blue door in the dining area also peeks out and grabs you;.  Blue tends to be timeless and a color favored in home design.

More Stunning Blue Stoves and Design Ideas

Kitchen remodel in Aliso Viejo uses Blue

More blue design lovers – you note folks typically are using their blue as features and not the entire set of custom cabinetry.  This kitchen design does it just right as an accent with only the island in blue. It gives your eye a place to go when you walk in the room which is comforting to your mind cerebrally as though nothing is competing and it’s an easy decision where to look.  This simplices your cognitive function and is also pleasing as a calming agent when you design to reduce distractions; too much stimuli sends your brains in circles, tiring it while not getting anywhere.  Be sure your color is used right and not overwhelming.

Incorporating Blue in Subtle Ways Within Tile and Stone Designs

Kitchen renovation in Dana Point with Bedrosians Quartzite Leblon island countertop

Using subtle pops of blue in this backsplash tile and in the veining on this gorgeous quartzite countertop provide moments of calm and tranquility combined with old-world charm. The blue in both treatments mixed with the shades of taupe compliment and balance each other perfectly.

When it Comes to Designing with Blue – Go Big!


When subtle pops of color are not enough and you want to experience an immersion of blue design, it’s important to be bold but not overbearing. This gorgeous bath features vanity cabinetry designed with a custom blue paint color specifically picked out by the homeowner to complement the stunning blue shower tile inspired by a fish scale design. Not to mention the very on-trend flooring used in this design.  Just search #geometric and you will see how on-trend this tile design in.  This fun, coastal design shows off just how close this home is to the beach.

Shiplap wall behind blue double vanity in Aliso Viejo bathroom remodel

This bath remodel uses blue subtly in its’ modern farmhouse design.  The clients also chose to go with mixed metals so they could get the farmhouse vibe with plumbing fixtures while getting the gold glam on the understated blue double vanity. The alternate side of this master bath is a white wet room, making this blue pop, just that much more! 

Incorporating Blue Design That Compliments Your View When You Actually Live at the Beach

At first glance, this seaside kitchen doesn’t appear to be using a lot of blue in the design. But, what it does perfectly is use the sparkly blue pops in the backsplash to compliment the breathtaking sparkling water views. After all, there is simply no competing with the crystal blue water views. However, this backsplash and pops of blue behind the textured glass transition seamlessly with the ocean.

Simple Blue Tranquility In a Bathroom

Serene blue in bathroom remodel

Painting a wall is a simple idea. But, the brilliance of this simplicity is that the blue on the walls of this bathroom helps the space feel calmer, more tranquil, and helps to make this long narrow space feel more expansive and open. Relaxing and soaking in a beautiful free-standing tub surrounded by the color of the sky helps the homeowner forget the stress of the day.

Designing Spaces for People Who Love Blue


Using blue in your home’s remodel and design can help your home feel more peaceful and serene. This is exactly why our customers and our designers love to use blue. If you’re ready to start planning your own blue-inspired renovation, give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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