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Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Master Bathroom Renovation Cost“How much?” is the number one question our clients ask before considering a bathroom remodel. And our answer is always the same, “It depends.” For a luxury master bath, the can range from a low of $35,000 to more than $100,000 at the upper end of the price scale. Here are the factors that influence costs:

  • – Area of the country
  • – Size and shape of master bathroom
  • – Scope of the renovation
  • – Quality of materials and finishes selected
  • – Cost of labor

Master bathroom renovations in major U.S. cities cost more than in secondary and rural markets simply because the cost of doing business and labor tend to be lower in rural and secondary markets. When you renovate a bathroom, there are a number of skilled trades that are involved, including flooring installers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, wallcovering installers, lighting specialists and general contractors among others, whose expertise and skill sets can make or break any project.

Factors Affecting Cost

Labor is the biggest expense of any bathroom renovation, and the bottom line on labor is affected by size and shape of the bath and scope of the project. Odd shaped and larger baths will generally be costlier than a conventional sized and shaped bath.

The scope of the renovation also affects the price.

  • – Will you replace exactly what’s there with new product or do you plan to reconfigure space? Are you moving or adding windows or skylights?
  • – Are you removing all wall coverings and taking the renovation down to the studs?
  • – Do you need to move or relocate in-wall, in-floor and in-ceiling plumbing, electrical and ventilation?
  • – Will the renovation force you to make unforeseen changes to comply with code?
  • – Will you need a specialist to install shower doors, a steam system, tile, flooring or cabinetry?
  • – Do you want storage solutions that will make your life easier and your new bath more enjoyable?
  • – Will you have to or want to move your existing toilet location?
  • – Will you need special plumbing and electrical for the new toilet, bidet, bidet seat, sink, faucets, shower systems, tub systems or storage solutions?
  • – Are you interested in outfitting your space with original designed fixtures?
  • – How important is the quality of floor and wall coverings?
  • – How environmentally efficient do you want your new bath to be?
  • – Who plans to use the bathroom, how often and when?
  • – How long do you plan to live in your home?

How to Set a Budget for a Bathroom Remodel




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When you are ready to remodel your bathroom, it is important to set a budget range so you can prioritize where to put more money towards. Remodeling can add great resale value to your home and that even includes bathroom remodeling. Budgeting for a bathroom renovation allows you to make the most of your project while also avoiding unexpected change orders and additional fees. Therefore, it is crucial to follow these following tips!

1. Understand Your Bathroom

Before you meet with a design consultant, know your bathroom, and do your research on your current space. The size of your bathroom is a great place to start when coming up with a budget. Just remember that the more square footage, the more space there is to remodel, meaning spending more money due to using more materials. Know the specs of your bathroom. Is it a hall bathroom? Master bathroom? Do you want to focus on aesthetics? If you would like to change the layout of the bathroom then this may involve plumbing and electrical relocation, which are things to consider when adding to the cost of your project. By starting with this research of your bathroom, you will be prepared for your design consultation, making the process smoother and easier to pinpoint a range for your budget.

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2. Know What’s Right for Your Home’s Price Range

A good base cost for a bathroom remodel can start from $25,000 with a design and build remodeling company. This price includes having your own designer to guide you through the design process, along with a project manager, and a lead that will manage your construction project all under one roof. These costs include everything from cabinet materials, countertop materials, and fixtures to flooring and windows. A general rule of thumb if you are on a tight budget is also to take into consideration how much your current home is worth. A good amount to spend is about 5% to 10% of your home’s total value. Of course, if you have fancy taste and are looking to splurge on design materials, you can expect to add more to your budget.

3. Figure Out What You Can Do Yourself

It may be tempting to go wild at Home Depot and remodel your bathroom on your own with your buddies, but take it from the professionals, doing this may hurt you in the long run. Installing your own flooring, countertops, and cabinets can be a mistake because if it is done wrong, chances are, you will have to pay a professional to redo this work in a few years, which will cause you to pay more than hiring one in the first place. However, there are some portions of your bathroom remodel where you can save money in such as painting. The last thing you want is to demo a load-bearing wall and damage your structure. Basically, leave it up to the design and building professionals.

4. Crunch the Numbers

Now that you have an idea of your bathroom size and specs, it is time to figure out what you can afford and what you want to spend on. If you are planning to fix up your bathroom and are thinking of moving out to resale in a couple of years, you are better off choosing a design that appeals to a wide audience. Choose popular timeless colors and materials such as quartz countertops, black, grey, or white cabinets, and a neutral color backsplash. If you plan on this being your forever home, you may be willing to put more money into your budget for universal design costs such as grip railings in the shower and near the toilet. If you plan on living here for over 5 years, it is safe to say to make the investment.

Tips to Save Money When Remodeling Your Master Bathroom


Irvine bathroom remodel

Universal Living Design

When remodeling your bathroom, take into consideration the labor needed to get the job done and the quality of the work you would like. Understanding the full process is key to budgeting. Professionals are skilled to spot unforeseen challenges while considering what your vision entails for your remodel. We will tell you what you can and cannot do all while also keeping in mind your city build codes. Therefore, working with a design and build remodeling firm will save you tons of money in the long run. Our change orders only run at 5% and you get your remodeling cost range upfront.

Ways to save money on your master bathroom remodel include sticking with your current layout. If you do not have to redo or relocate plumbing, this will save you a hefty amount of money.

1. Have a Plan Before You Start the Remodel

Gather inspiration of other bathrooms that you admire. Create a vision board of the design you are aiming for. This is the fun part! Work with your designer to select colors and materials for your master bathroom. Choose your backsplash tiles, shower tiles, countertop materials, and cabinet color and style. Decide on what kind of bathtub and shower you would like, or if you would just like one or the other. Do you want your shower wall tile to match your countertop and flooring for a seamless design? These are all things to consider in the beginning stages of your master bathroom remodel.

You can easily save money on choosing less expensive materials such as going with quartz countertops instead of marble. Choosing to keep the layout simple can also reduce costs. The vanity tends to be a statement piece of the bathroom, so it may be worth it to splurge a little more here. An area where you can cut back on is the bathtub. Jetted tubs tend to run on the costly side, so going for a simple freestanding tub can save you a good amount.

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2. Don’t Redo the Plumbing

Keeping your existing layout can save you tons of money. Work with a professional who will tell you if it is okay to keep your existing plumbing. Using the current piping will save you since relocating your toilet and bathtub are no small tasks and can easily jump up costs. Costs can range in the thousands each time you move plumbing fixtures. Also consider keeping your toilet and just replacing the seat and lid. This can give it a fresh new look without having to buy a new unit, which can also save you on plumbing fees.

Before you begin your remodel, also figure out how your daily routine will change during this remodel. Do you have another bathroom you can use while this project is in construction?

3. Retain the Drywall

It is common to replace drywall in bathroom renovations due to the high moisture levels. If reconfiguring the layout of your master bathroom, you can anticipate drywall removal as the framing may be adjusting according to the new space. Note that the more walls you demo, the more walls you will need to close later, meaning more paint and labor. If there are any walls you can keep up, it is best to keep it. Only replace the necessary sections. These tend to be near or behind showers and bathtubs.

4. Keep the Same Size and Layout

We suggest if you are looking to save on remodeling costs, keep your current master bathroom size and layout. When enlarging or reconfiguring your layout, this can entail additional costs for plumbing relocation, demolition of drywall, and even ordering more materials to cover more square footage. We suggest only altering the bathroom layout if you are not on a tight budget or find it necessary to accommodate your living needs. If choosing a new layout, you can still save on costs by choosing less costly materials and tiling. Budgeting for your master bathroom remodel is all about what you choose to prioritize and splurge more on.

How to Save Money When Remodeling Your Bathroom

When you plan your bath renovation, generally there are more questions than answers. One surefire way to control costs is to have a well thought out plan that answers most of the questions before a single nail is hammered. Sea Pointe Design & Remodel’s nationally recognized professionals design baths every day and know what questions to ask to assure that your needs and wants are met – give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or visit our showroom at 576 Wald, Irvine CA 92618 to begin planning your new space today.

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