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Here in sunny Southern California, we are lucky enough to not have to worry about elements such as snow to make our winters harsh. This makes our job as Orange County home renovators a little bit easier, since we are not slaves to the weather in terms of what construction projects we take on. Plus, there are a number of home maintenance and remodeling projects that are best done during the chilly months. Whether it’s the weather that makes them ideal, or the comfort they add to your home, these projects are perfect for starting during winter.

Home Remodeling Projects to Start During Winter | Sea Pointe Design & Remodel Blog

Insulation and Weatherization

Winter is a great time to increase the insulation in your attic. This will help regulate your home’s temperatures, leading to lower heating bills (and air conditioning bills once the weather starts warming up again). Taking care of cracks and misalignment between doors, windows, and their frame will also help to prevent heat escaping your home and keep the cold elements out.

Switch Up Your Floors

Winter is an especially good season to install hard wood floors, because the cool temperature and lack of humidity prevents materials from gapping or water damage. The winter air also helps the adhesive to dry more quickly so you can enjoy the installation sooner. New and well-maintained flooring also helps with better insulation. Alternatively, putting in new carpet can create a cozy atmosphere to an otherwise standard room.


Since the days are typically darker, and nighttime comes sooner in winter, this is an ideal time to add more lighting to your home. Perhaps you have always wanted to install recessed lighting, or you are ready to add a large statement chandelier. Whether you are swapping out old fixtures for new ones, or adding some where there were none before, this will literally brighten up your living space and lend for a more enjoyable indoor area.

Basement Remodeling

Since many basements do not have temperature control, trying to work on them during the hotter months can be excruciating. Reserve basement remodeling for the wintertime when it’s a bit more bearable. Since all the work is underground, your home (and workers) will not be exposed to any elements that might slow down a job.


Giving your home a new paint job can brighten up your indoor space when it seems so dull and dreary outside. Painting can be a fun activity on your own or with your family to beat cabin fever (or get your kids off of their tablets!). Consider light, warm colors that will put you in the mood for spring’s arrival.

Doing small remodeling jobs around the house can make winter exciting, and prepare you for a fresh new year. Sea Pointe Design & Remodel can help with your design and build remodeling in Orange County and surrounding Southern California cities. Let us help you end your year with a new beginning for your home and family.



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