Many home renovation projects are started by seeing a dream project that strikes a chord with you. You may have gotten some helpful inspiration at a showroom, a recently remodeled friend’s house, or a local open house.

When deciding whether or not to bite the bullet and move forward with a home remodel consider the length of time you expect to occupy the house which should determine how much attention you need to pay to its resale value. Are you planning to stay in your home or are you considering selling it? If you’re going to move in a few years, then yes, you should renovate with an eye toward resale. The good news is that, according to Remodeling magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report,” homeowners can typically expect to recoup more than 92% of the cost of an upscale bathroom remodel when they sell.

However, if you’re there to stay, then make it a home you love. Because if you plan on living in the house for 20 years, whatever remodeling you do will be for you.  So whatever home remodeling you’re considering today is for your own personal taste and that gives you the freedom to make your home your castle.

Whether you are remodeling for you or for resale, let’s face it, remodeling can be a disruption in your everyday routine and change is never easy to deal with.  The trick is to plan, plan, plan.  The goal of a design/build firm like Sea Pointe is to plan and design your entire project prior to any construction starting.  This allows us to create accurate schedules, pre-order materials, and stick to our clients budgets.  Be leery of contractors that give you allowances and feed you the line of “We can start on Monday!”  Starting on Monday will result in delays down the road when they wait for you to pick materials, order them, and have them delivered—and remember, all this time you are in your home without a kitchen or a working bathroom.  But, if you plan accordingly your family’s daily routine can be predictable.

Picking your construction company can be the hardest part of the process.  Meet with a few and make sure you trust your designer and the contractor.  You should be comfortable when meeting them to discuss a full kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, or room addition and what will be required of you and your family during the process. However you decide which residential contractor or home remodeling company to hire, it’s important to trust your choice completely and to have the confidence that you’re in good hands in order to assure that the change to your household routine is acceptable.

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