While it may not have the most square-footage in our homes, our bathrooms tend to get a majority of the foot traffic. The constant visibility and use by family members and guests has us striving to maximize space in even the tiniest of bathrooms. As tackling the décor and design of these smaller spaces can prove to be a little bit trickier than the rest of your home, renovating the bulkier fixtures can help you achieve full-potential for you pint-sized powder room.

In preparation to take on this challenge, here are five bathroom updates to consider when you want to make the most of your small space:

Four Updates That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Small Bathroom- Sea Pointe Construction.

1. Show-off Your Shower

Take on the biggest space-sucker in your bathroom with a simple upgrade to your shower doors. Surrendering the curtains to glass door alternatives gives you the power to transform your space entirely. These transparent fixtures keep the fluidity of the room, unlike patterned and textured dividers. Sliding glass walls still master the same open effect without occupying any space to swing open. For those feeling even more adventurous, opting for an open shower adds a completely unique addition to your bathroom while leaving no square inch of the room hidden. For a little less exposure, half-walls can shield the rest of the room from a splash-zone, but keep the entire space still feeling open and accessible.

Four Updates That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Small Bathroom- Sea Pointe Construction

2. Spice Up Your Storage

Incorporate your storage space into the décor with exposed fixtures and accents. Utilizing open shelves in lieu of closed off vanities can give the illusion of sweeping wall space, while still housing your belongings. Try filling woven baskets with toilet paper and bathroom linens to keep the area organized in a visually appealing way. Glass jars are a trendy and neat ornament to store bars of soap and cotton products on open counter spaces, without crowding the limited storage space you already have.

3. Change Up Your Sink

The sink takes up more room than you think. Large vanities with double sinks can be convenient for frequently used spaces, but aren’t optimal for smaller layouts. Pedestal sinks can be a better solution for a room that would benefit from the additional real estate. Troughs and floating sink cabinet designs can also save floor space while still giving more to the room’s decor than just traditional porcelain. This switch can instantly lessen the overcrowding of your room by showcasing the walls for a statement with paint or wallpaper.

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4. Keep it Cornered

For a more expansive remodel, move your largest pieces to the corners of your bathroom. Positioning a vanity between the two walls can eliminate the possibility of awkward, unused space. Corner shelves can be another option for moving the storage away from the more frequented areas. By leaving the bathroom un-sectioned, the room appears more inviting and spacious.

Whether you are incorporating a large remodel or a few simple adjustments to free up your bathroom’s space, playing with the design and functionality of your new additions can remove some of the constraints of a smaller room. Interested in maximizing the space of your bathroom? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction for a consultation today.

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