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Sea Pointe Design & Remodel gives back to a loving family of 7 in Costa Mesa in a project featured on the hit TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, hosted by Ty Pennington. This makeover required a complete home remodel in under a week for Tom and Deirdre McCrory, proud parents of two and soon to be, five!  Deidre is pregnant with triplets and the couple have found themselves backed into a corner with the amount of space available in their current home.

The producers of the hit TV show did an exhaustive selection process for a talented and qualified construction firm to partner with for this volunteer renovation.  Upon invitation and and some heavy schedule rearranging, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel agreed to take on this challenge and join the crew to provide the manpower for remodeling this 3 bedroom Costa Mesa home to be a 5 bedroom home for its’ impending triplet delivery. This is no short feat for a 7-day production timeline; a typical timeline for a residential home remodeling project of this scope would be 6-9 months.  Sea Pointe enjoys a challenge and was 100% onboard with giving back to this Costa Mesa couple in need.

During the construction process, the McCrorys, parents of two young boys, ages 3 years and 21 months are also expected triplets in just a few weeks. This makes this timeline non-negotiable and something Sea Pointe works around regularly.  You would be surprised by the number of impending parents that get to the nesting stage and want something new turned around in very short order.  Sometimes it’s not possible with traditional circumstances as the cities don’t jump through hoops short of having a television producer come in promising oodles of city exposure.  Though we jump to as best we can and break the project up around a delivery date to get anything we can done prior to our client’s new baby arrival.  Zooming back to the Mc Crorys’ extremely fast and large home makeover…

Surrounded by generators, RVs, and filming crew, this was a huge opportunity for Sea Pointe Design & Remodel to get involved and showcase what we can do for the Orange County community. This was a project that involved many moving parts including a lot of participation from the city, traffic police, planners, inspectors and more. With the help of everyone coming together as one, magic was made and all entities were able to pull this off in time!

The family was sent to stay in Arizona for a week of rest and relaxation in anticipation of what they would come back home to. In that time,  Sea Pointe Design & Remodel picked up the shovels and provided labor for this home makeover.


Andy Shore, lead his team from Sea Pointe Design & Remodel and transformed this roughly 1,000 square foot house into a house that is now able to fit the family of 7.


Before the home makeover, this Costa Mesa 3b/2ba home contained a master bedroom with a master bathroom, a family room, kitchen, dining area, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Once Sea Pointe got involved with Extreme Makeover, this house had nearly doubled in size!  You can see the as-built floor plan above with the existing living space prior to the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition residential remodeling intervention.


This dream makeover with an addition gave this large family more living space. After the much anticipated week, the McCrorys now have a whole new nursery room for the newborns, and 2 additional rooms for the kids.

This makeover may seem like every parent’s dream, however the kids were even more impressed with their new addition. The kids’ rooms were transformed into a pirate-themed bedroom and a jungle-themed bedroom making this space livable and enjoyable for the little ones.


The twenty-one month old young man will be enjoying this jungle themed room for a good 5-8 years before needing another refresher.  The colors stimulate the mind of a youngster, while the low bed serves great function for getting out of the bed in the middle of the night without falling.



Costa Mesa Baby RoomAnd BABIES MAKE 7…

As for the new nursery addition, this remodel made way for 3 new baby cribs and was furnished with gifts for the newborns. From the baby blue to soft pink colors, the triplets now have their own bedroom, adding space for this large and loving family.

The nursery is decked out with all the amenities you would want inside a newborn’s room; from mom’s lullaby feeding chair, handy sink, storage cupboards, walk-in closet, three cribs, sanitizer dispenser, lotion dispenser, built-in baby monitor, and diapers for months, er days with triplets.

This Mom will be set for feeding time, changing time, and even play time in this colorful room.


The family room got a sweet upgrade as well. The McCrorys now have a fully functional game room where they can bond together as a family. The makeover included adding a bar area with a pool table and arcade games! Even a colorful yellow PVC pipe endzone surrounds the flat panel TV.  Neon bar signs, mirror, and traditional pool table lighting are all design touches that give this game room its authentic entertaining vibe. Whether the parents or kids are spending time in here, it’s safe to say, everyone is able to now have a fun time hosting friends.


The McCrorys also got to see their new dining room! Complete with a fireplace and newly furnished, they will now have a nice area to sit and have a family dinner together. You may find 4 high chairs sitting around this table for the next few years, and we’re sure that’s fine with the McCrorys!


The remodeled kitchen now opens up to the living area, offering this family more visibility when the kids are enjoying time in the living room while Tom and Deirdre are prepping meals. This space is also your first point of reference when entering the home. The design here provides open-concept, while still giving a finite space to each room; this allowed for the divider wall to add more kitchen counterspace and storage.  This also enables the family to move in these separate spaces without bumping into each other, yet still able to communicate and entertain from the kitchen space into the living space.


We installed brand new wooden cabinets and complementing countertops, giving this kitchen a whole new makeover! The peninsula uses the space well for added sink space as well as giving the parents the view to see into the living room area, also making the room feel and look even bigger.


Creating a space for the McCrorys to spend quality time together without feeling squished in their previous home also included building a large patio space outside for recreational use. In sunny Southern California, a remodel like this was very necessary. It was an opportunity to take advantage of the new space and create an outdoor living area for them to enjoy during any time of the year.




This whole home remodel Sea Pointe Design & Remodel has worked on with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, was such a rewarding experience and it was a priceless feeling when the McCrory’s stepped foot into their dream home.

What was once their home with limited living space…


Has now been transformed in an extreme makeover to accommodate their new large family of 7, with nearly double the amount of square footage.


The Sea Pointe Design & Remodel team was thrilled to have a life-changing opportunity like this and truly enjoyed every step of this challenging, but extremely rewarding week-long process!

See some of our behind the scenes action shots below!







If you believe you have a great opportunity for Sea Pointe Design & Remodel to get involved with and give back in the Orange County community, please give us a call at (949) 861-3400.

Meet the McCrorys in this snippet from the TV show:


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