ADA compliance is a term that refers to places in public areas. But perhaps it’s time to think about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards as something you want in your own private home, especially if you want to continue to live independently in your senior years. With some thoughtful modifications to your home made by a local general contractor with a good reputation in Orange County, you can be assured that you made the right decision at the right time.

Universal Design Bathroom
Look for a residential contractor who specializes in not only home additions but who’s also a custom bathroom designer. You want a bathroom contractor that can adapt the room to ADA standards as well as custom design the bathroom cabinetry in a stylish manner. When caring for your family, you want the very best. And to reach that goal at the best value, you will need to do some homework.

A side benefit to modifying your home and making it accessible for your family’s needs is the increased value to your property. A home that’s ready-made for the mother-in-law to move in opens the market when you consider re-selling your property, whether in Newport Beach or Anaheim Hills. Potential buyers who’re helping their aging parents to stay at home will pay for the convenience of completed home renovations that specifically address their parents’ physical limitations.

Shower w-Ceiling

Some of the more popular considerations when designing your ADA compliant bathroom are that the room is large enough for a wheelchair to swing 360 degrees. It also needs to have a level floor and a door that swings outward. A doorway 32 wide and a door latch which can be unlocked from the outside is on that ADA compliance list as well. There are other modifications you can make in your customized bathroom such as bathroom cabinetry and properly situated sinks that will increase your house’s resale value as well as provide access to the mobility-challenged.

Most importantly, you want the home improvements to particularly answer the challenges found in your own family. A careful, thoughtful and friendly custom bathroom designer should be part of the team of the home remodeling contractor you hire. A good bathroom renovation at any budget level makes so much sense¦be sure that the plans and specifications are just what your family needs for the present as well as for the inevitable future when physical limitations limit your mobility. A reliable home renovation service in Orange County that understands those needs will be your answer.


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