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The journey of a whole-home remodel is an exhilarating and sometimes daunting dance between dreams and reality. Imagine yourself stepping into a home so perfectly tailored to your every whim, it feels like a warm embrace. Sleek, open spaces bathed in sunlight, luxurious retreats whispering of spa-like serenity, and outdoor havens blurring the lines between home and a California paradise. This is the magic of a whole-home remodel orchestrated by a design and build team, such as Sea Pointe Design & Remodel. But where do you begin?


Where Do I Start?

Do your research: Taking on a whole-home remodel is exciting, but also a big commitment. Before taking the plunge, there are some essential questions to ask yourself:

Understanding your needs and vision

  • What are your main goals for this remodel? Do you want more space, improved functionality, specific aesthetic changes, or increased energy efficiency?
  • How will you use the space differently after the remodel? Consider traffic flow, family needs, and any specific features you envision.
  • Do you have a budget in mind? Be realistic about your financial limitations and discuss potential contingencies with any design/build team.
  • What is your preferred timeline? Be aware of realistic timeframes for a project of this magnitude and discuss possible delays with your team.
  • Do you have any inspiration sources or specific design preferences? Share mood boards, Pinterest boards, or magazine clippings to give your team a clear understanding of your taste.


Why choose a Design/ Build company?

When embarking on a whole-home remodel, navigating the maze of contractors, permits, and design decisions can feel overwhelming. This is where a design/build company becomes your compass, guiding you through every step with expertise and orchestration. Here’s why partnering with a design/build team, like Sea Pointe Design & Remodel makes your remodel a symphony of success.

  • A Cohesive Vision: Imagine a conductor leading the orchestra, ensuring all instruments harmonize. A design/build company acts as that conductor, seamlessly merging the talents of architects, designers, and builders into a unified vision. You won’t face the frustration of conflicting plans or mismatched aesthetics – your ideal home unfolds as a single, cohesive masterpiece.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Juggling multiple contractors, managing timelines, and chasing down permits – it’s enough to make your head spin. A design/build team takes the reins, handling every aspect from initial design to final touches. They’re your one-stop shop, eliminating communication breakdowns and ensuring a smooth, efficient journey.
  • Budget Harmony: Cost overruns and hidden fees can turn your dream into a nightmare. Design/build companies bring transparency to the process. They work with you to establish a realistic budget and stick to it, constantly evaluating and adjusting to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Expertise Under One Roof: Imagine a team of specialists, each a virtuoso in their field, collaborating under one roof. Architects, designers, builders, and project managers work hand-in-hand, leveraging their collective expertise to anticipate challenges and deliver optimal solutions. You benefit from their combined knowledge and experience, ensuring every detail is carefully considered and flawlessly executed.
  • Stress-Free Transformation: Imagine watching your dream home emerge without the burden of logistics. With a design/build team, you can step back and witness the magic unfold. They handle the nitty-gritty, leaving you free to focus on the excitement of creating your New Haven.

Enter the Sea Pointe Design & Build Team

So, whether you’re yearning for a light-filled sanctuary, a modern masterpiece, or a cozy haven that reflects your unique style, a whole-home remodel with a design/build partner, such as Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, can make it happen. As we dive into this case study, we will discover the magic of transforming a house into a home by following one of our own clients whole home remodel journeys.

Starting the Process

Rancho Santa Margarita’s spirit danced in our clients’ hearts, yearning for a showpiece home that seamlessly melded style with comfort. A kitchen ripe for culinary adventures and lively conversation; spa-like sanctuaries disguised as bathrooms, and a California room that extends from the living room to the heart of the backyard. Sea Pointe Design & Remodels expert design team and skilled artisans were eager to take on the challenge.

Space Planning

Before the hammers swing and the saws sing, space planning sets the stage for your dream home. It’s the meticulous dance of transforming blueprints into a symphony of functionality and flow.

Here’s why space planning takes center stage before construction:

  • Understanding Usage: It all starts with you. What are your daily rhythms? Do mornings begin with bustling breakfasts in a sun-drenched kitchen, or are they fueled by quiet coffee moments tucked away in a reading nook? Space planning is about understanding how you live, breathe, and move within your walls.
  • Flow with the Form: Walls become canvases; doors become portals. The layout becomes a symphony of movement, rooms seamlessly flowing into one another or offering private sanctuaries for rejuvenation. A skilled space planner orchestrates this ballet, ensuring traffic flows naturally, sunlight dances where it’s needed, and intimacy finds its corners.
  • Function Before Form: Sure, an open floor plan might look trendy, but does it accommodate your family’s movie nights or grandma’s overnight visits? Functionality reigns supreme. Storage solutions discreetly tuck away clutter, workspaces seamlessly integrate, and each room whispers its purpose without ever shouting.
  • Light and Shadow: Natural light is a precious commodity, coaxed in through strategically placed windows, skylights, and glass doors. Artificial light plays a supporting role, creating pools of warmth and highlighting architectural details. The careful dance of light and shadow sculpts the very atmosphere of your home, weaving moods and inviting you to linger.
  • Proportion and Scale: It’s about finding the sweet spot. High ceilings can feel cavernous without grounding elements, while low ceilings can stifle a room’s spirit. Furniture placement, architectural features, and even the textures you choose all contribute to the harmonious balance of proportion and scale, making your space feel neither cramped nor cavernous, but perfectly human-scaled.


Before Pics:



Site Plan

A site plan is an essential tool for any home remodeling project, especially one involving a California room. It fosters clear communication, optimizes space usage, ensures code compliance, and facilitates efficient project management; ultimately contributing to a successful and rewarding renovation experience.

The image below features the detailed layout of our client’s land, including the footprint of their already existing house.


As Built Renderings

Before diving into the exciting redesign, let’s take a moment to understand the existing canvas. The following “As Built” renderings offer a detailed look at the current layout of the first and second floors:



These precise visuals serve two crucial purposes:

  1. Accurate Measurements: The renderings provide the designer with the exact dimensions and layout of the space, ensuring their plans fit seamlessly within the existing structure. These plans lay the groundwork for the exciting possibilities to come, ensuring a solid and supportive foundation.
  2. Aerial Perspective: By showcasing an overhead view, the renderings offer a valuable bird’s-eye perspective. This helps the designer envision the flow and functionality of the space, laying the groundwork for optimal utilization.

For a California room addition of this scale, meticulous planning was paramount. To ensure structural feasibility, a site visit by the structural engineer was essential. After carefully assessing the space, they confirmed the viability of building out and redesigning the roof. With that green light, the engineer moved forward, meticulously crafting the foundation and framing plans.


Proposed Floor Plan

By carefully planning and visualizing your proposed space plan, you can transform your whole home into a haven of comfort, functionality, and personal expression. Below are the first and second story proposed floor plans including all new additions for this project.


As you can see from the image above, the first floor will have a large California Room addition extending from the living room into the backyard.



Utility Plan

A utility plan is the invisible roadmap that guides the placement and functionality of all the vital systems that keep your home running smoothly. It’s like a detailed blueprint for the unseen infrastructure – plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC ducts, and ventilation systems – that breathe life into your remodeled space.

Since the entire house was being remodeled and a new entertainment room was being built in the backyard, our clients opted to have their electrical panel and house wires updated. The images below show where electrical components were added or updated in this whole home remodel, including light switches and outlets for new appliances.



Structural Engineering: Foundation Plan

In a home remodeling project, a Structural Engineering Foundation Plan serves several crucial purposes:

Ensuring Safety and Stability:

  • Foundation Analysis: This plan analyzes the existing foundation’s capacity to support the proposed remodeling changes. It considers the added weight of new structures, changes in load distribution, and potential modifications to existing walls or floors.
  • Structural Integrity: The plan outlines how the foundation will be reinforced or modified to maintain the structural integrity of the entire house after the remodel. This includes calculations for beams, columns, footings, and any required support systems.
  • Compliance with Building Codes: Building codes often have specific requirements for foundation design and modifications, especially for major remodels like adding a California room. The plan ensures compliance with these regulations, preventing potential safety hazards and construction delays.

Optimizing Foundation Design:

  • Cost Efficiency: By analyzing the existing foundation and calculating needed reinforcements, the plan helps minimize unnecessary construction costs. It determines the most efficient way to support the new structural elements while maintaining safety and code compliance.
  • Preventing Issues: Early identification of potential foundation problems through analysis can prevent costly repairs or reconstruction later. The plan addresses these issues upfront, saving time and money in the long run.
  • Smooth Construction Process: The detailed specifications and calculations in the plan ensure clarity for contractors and prevent confusion during construction. This leads to a smoother and more efficient building process.

Overall, a Structural Engineering Foundation Plan is a critical investment in any major home remodeling project. It safeguards the safety and stability of your home, optimizes the foundation design for cost efficiency, and ensures a smooth construction process.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • The complexity of the plan will depend on the scope of your remodel. Minor projects may require less detailed analysis, while major transformations involving structural changes will require a more comprehensive plan.
  • It’s always recommended to consult with a licensed structural engineer to develop the plan. They can assess your specific project needs and provide the necessary calculations and specifications.
  • Don’t skip or skimp on this step! A well-designed foundation plan is an essential investment in the future safety and value of your home.

Below are some engineering images from this project showing how the new California room structure is to be laid out from the concrete slab to the new roof line.




Proposed Space Plan Elevations, Black & White Renderings and 3D Color Renderings

In a whole home remodel, proposed space plans, black & white renderings, and 3D color elevations are all crucial tools used to visualize and communicate the final design before any construction begins. Proposed space plans lay the groundwork, black & white renderings provide a realistic exterior preview, and 3D color elevations let you step into your ideal home before the first hammer swings. Ultimately, they empower you to make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure your whole-home remodel unfolds exactly as you envision.

Below we will Embark on 3 transformative design journeys. Witness the evolution of the KitchenPrimary Bathroom, and California Room, showing how things change from sketches to reality before construction kicks off.





For the kitchen portion of this whole home remodel, our clients requested an airy space flooded with natural light including a cohesive design with their living room and new California Room. Our designer first suggested opening up the kitchen and living room area by removing the dividing wall to create a more up-to-date and open-concept look. He then suggested a new layout for the windows to increase a more natural light flow. Adding a large folding window in the kitchen would allow for an easy pass through to the newly built California Room. Installing a large sliding glass door will create a cohesive flow from the living room to the California room, bringing the indoors to the outdoors. And installing larger windows in the living room to create a more natural feel. A large island was added to the kitchen design to create a space that invites conversation and entertainment with loved ones. And semi-custom cabinetry was designed with every detail in mind, enhancing a new functional layout.

Below are the first digital renderings a designer will create for a homeowner to visualize their new floor plan. It ensures that the designer and the homeowner are on the same page about the layout, placement of fixtures, and the overall design intent.




Black & White renderings are 3D computer-generated images that show a space of your home in a realistic way. It allows the viewer to concentrate on the crucial features of the image. They are typically used to show different design options, such as materials, textures, and layout measurements. Designers use these renderings to optimize the use of space, ensuring the layout is both functional and efficient. They can identify areas for improvement, such as eliminating wasted space, improving traffic flow, and maximizing natural light. This can lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment.




Now, let’s add a splash of color! 3D color elevations take black & white renderings a step further by infusing them with the vibrant hues of your chosen materials and finishes. Think of them as stepping into a virtual tour of your future living spaces, complete with all the bells and whistles.

In this kitchen remodel, the sleek, semi-custom cabinetry in white offers a clean look, while also making the space appear larger. The white quartz countertops and backsplash adds a sparkle and enhances the cabinetry. A blue island adds personality, enhances functionality, and creates a space that invites culinary adventures. Stainless-steel appliances add a touch of modern elegance and honey bronze hardware complements the kitchen, adding a touch of warmth and richness to the overall design.


A well-designed kitchen can increase the value of your home, making it more enjoyable to be in, and even improve your quality of life.


Primary Bathroom



The Primary bathroom already had a great layout, it was just in dire need of being brought up to date. The roman tub is to be updated to an elegant free-standing tub. The shower to be converted from a 1990’s nightmare into a more modern image including shower niches for  bathing supplies and a sitting bench for resting. The vanity area is to include more visual appeal and the walk-in closet requires a complete overhaul including new shelving and storage drawers.



Vanity Space Plan


Tub & Shower Space Plan






Every detail in the primary bathroom remodel was designed to soothe the senses and melt away the stresses of everyday life. The freestanding bathtub sits in the corner, bathing in the natural sunlight under large windows. The ‘Luxe Gold’ hardware in the shower, vanity and tub area adds a touch of elegance. The large walk-in shower includes a glass enclosure, a unique wood-looking bench made from porcelain tile and 2 custom niches were added to the design just before construction. A double vanity with white quartz countertops provides ample space for pampering rituals. An intricately patterned backsplash adds color and visual interest. Last minute adjustments included removing the existing bulk head and taking the intricate pattern all the way to the ceiling. And finally, the walk-in closet (not seen here) adds a touch of decadence with all new cabinets and drawers including honey bronze pulls.

Aerial View

Master Bath- Option 1

Master Bath- Option 2

Shower/ Tub View

Tub & Vanity View


California Room




In the elevations above and below, you can see the As-built structural plans compared with the newly proposed plans. The entire back of the first floor will undergo a structural change relocating the sliding glass door to the left and adding a new bi-fold pass through window in the kitchen, where the exit originally stood. Another new window will also be added to the side of the house to allow more lighting into the living room. Two new stucco clad fireplace walls will be built on each side of the California room to hold future entertainment features along with a supporting beam in the center. The roof will also need to be pitched to install the top to the California room to include three skylights and a pizza oven exhaust vent.


BBQ/ Pizza Oven Elevations

Below are the proposed elevations for the new California room including the entertainment needs requested on our clients’ wish list.  This plan features a pizza oven, a built in BBQ, storage cabinets, a beverage fridge, radiant heaters, TV, gas fireplace, and even a hidden movie projector and remote operated drop-down screen.





Pizza Oven Rendering


Fireplace Rendering



This haven for entertainment, relaxation, and movie nights with the family will provide a cohesive flow between the indoors and outdoors. Packed full of amusement, this outdoor oasis is to feature a pizza oven, a built-in BBQ, radiant heaters, a TV, a beverage fridge and even a projector with a remote operated drop-down screen. This California room is more than just a backyard addition; it’s an invitation to gather, connect, and savor the simple pleasures of life.




Completed Project

This whole-home remodel embraces the client’s desire for a space that truly flows, both functionally and aesthetically. Beach-inspired vibes, an open floor plan designed for gathering, and a seamless extension into the California backyard were key ingredients. The central island in the kitchen become a hub for family feasts, while spa-like bathrooms offer luxurious retreats. Bright whites and gleaming hardware complete the picture, creating the perfect cohesive home ideal for hosting holiday’s and celebrations with loved ones.

Prepare to be dazzled!  It’s time to unveil the breathtaking transformation of this entire home remodel, designed, built and even furnished by the award winning team, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel.

Elysium-porcelain-tile-flooring-in-Orto-Botanico-Beige folding-kitchen-windows-for-easy-pass-through-to-floating-seating-area-countertop-in-new-Cali-Room Vadara-polished-quartz-island-countertop-and-backsplash-Calacatta-Belleza Living-room-and-kitchen-design-by-Sea-Pointe-Design-and-Remodel wall-removed-to-install-new-sliding-glass-doors-to-new-Cali-Room 534-sq-ft-brand-new-California-Room-in-RSM remote-operated-movie-screen-and-projector-encased-in-cedar-box ceiling-fans-gas-outdoor-firebox-with-fixed-glass stamped-concrete-patio-flooring-stones-of-athens-limestone-marble-granite Omega-framed-cabinetry-in-maple-with-Rain-finish Brizio-Levoir-multi-function-slide-bar-with-handshower-fixed-head-in-luxe-gold Kohler-undermount-sink-luxe-gold-widespread-faucets - freestanding tubs vs. built in tubs StorX-Closet-cabinets-Sarek-Ash-with-flat-panel-drawers-honey-bronze-pulls Omega-framed-cabinetry-maple-wood-Rain-finish-pocket-door-divider shower-niche-Emser-Rezone-white-porcelain-mosaic-hex-pattern-with-brushed-brass-schluter-trim formal-living-room-remodel-in-rancho-santa-margarita


Embarking on a whole-home remodel is like embarking on an epic adventure. It’s a journey of dreams and blueprints, of sledgehammers and paintbrushes, of late nights spent poring over tile samples and early mornings filled with the symphony of construction. It’s a test of patience, a dance with unexpected detours, and ultimately, a triumphant arrival at a destination that surpasses even the most vivid imagination. Prepare for a roller coaster ride of emotions, where exhilaration at progress mingles with moments of frustration, where dust bunnies become your unwanted companions, and where the reward of stepping into your transformed haven makes every hurdle worth it. Buckle up, for the whole-home remodel is a journey unlike any other, one that will leave you forever changed, and leaving you with a home that whispers your story in every corner.


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