So you’re thinking about remodeling your house. Maybe your goal is to have your home renovated by summer? Maybe needing to just spruce it up a little bit? Maybe needing to make your best investment more valuable?  Maybe needing some more space for your family to spread out in? Whatever your reasons, it should be a well-thought out process which will benefit you and your family for years to come.

Where ever you live in Orange County, making improvements to your residential property is a wise choice.  The numbers prove it. Your foresight into investment for smart home renovations will be repaid to you whenever you choose to resell your property. And home improvements done by a reputable home renovation contractor will make it that much better for your heirs to inherit.


To begin the process, it’s good to start to take note of other homes that you admire. Check out open houses in your neighborhood and take notice of what remarkable features you fancy in the property. Also make sure you compare remodeling projects successfully completed in homes found in surrounding areas, magazines and even television shows on the HGTV channel, for instance.

You’ll need to determine which styles suit you by comparing and contrasting and seeing what’s out there. Start by tearing out those pages in home improvement magazines and Sunday newspaper inserts. If your tech savvy, check out and Pinterest for great home remodeling ideas and create personalized idea boards.  While considering what’s attractive to you, it is also just as important to take note of trends and materials you don’t like.  When putting together your likes and dislikes try and determine what it is you lean towards—is it the wood or the style? Is it the counter material and its color? Is it the hardware used? Maybe it could be the color of one and the style of another and the hardware of yet another style of cabinetry.

When you have a sense of the look-and-feel you want from your project, schedule a meeting with your design consultant and residential contractor team. You will want to start by asking about the licensing and expertise of the experienced residential contractors around your area. A design/build firm will be able to help you get the look you want while staying within your pre-determined budget.

Stay focused and take baby steps.  Soon enough, your research will pay-off and you’ll be preparing for your summer barbeque in your newly remodeled home!

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